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April 15th 2011
Published: May 15th 2011
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I got the 7am ferry and had a nice sunrise trip to Auckland and desided to get the train out of the city. I started at Pukekohe and headed east. Was very bad roads to start with lots of trucks but that only lasted 10k then it was all go. The rest of the road was really fast b est yet. The ride through the gorge was great but not much room on the roads i had to be really carefull. I got into Waihi at 5. i went into count down for a feed and while in there seen all me gear and asked where i was staying to night, i replayed out the bush somewhere. He insisted i came and stay at his place witch i did. The guy was gream and a nice old block as well. He didnt want to stop talken he wanted me to know everything. over all i done 130k 20av withch is dam good.
In the morning i really wanted an early start but gream insisted we go for a drive and show me around the town. He was so passionent about his town. He told me about the gold history of the town and we went to the gold mine witch was big for a small town. He showed me an old goldmine tower and when the mine went down in greymouth that fixed it up and got lights on it and left them on for 2 weeks after it was a mark of respect. We then went to the beach it would of been nice if it wasnt pissing down rain.
I got on the rode about 11am way later then i wanted but i learnt a bit i have to say. was good roads again but i was on the high way so i would hope so. All day none stop it pissed down with rain. Ihad to stop to put me thermals on, it was getting dam cold.
I got to Katikati and had lunch where an old lady had a chat with me and said a pray for me. It went south from there first i broke me sunnys then got in the shit from the cops because i was pissing on the side of the road, the rain only got heaver then in Tauranga i got a flat tyre. Pleae no more prays.
Footes place was a bit feather then i thort. i got to footes at 5pm that evening still pissing with rain not a dry bit on me worst day with rain for sure. But over all i got 98ks with 17av still a good speed.
Great to see foote again This is where i leave it till i hit the road again in a month.


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