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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua January 19th 2005

HELLO ALL!! Well we're still in one piece and have managed not to kill one another so its all good. We've had a few bumps such as trying to put up the tent on Thursday night, full of enthusiasm for the first nights camping, and realising that there was no fly sheet in the tent bag!!! Whoops. Cold night by the beach, but the nice guy in Rebel Sports gave us a free one so its sorted now. The flight to Auckland was delayed by an hour or so while we were on the plane as all the power went so we just pretended that our flight was 4 hours instead of 2 1/2. We stayed in a hostel in Ponsonby called Verandahs and it was the best. Small and cosy and v friendly. Sent in ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua December 30th 2004

We’ve recently returned from the first half of our Christmas holiday - four days in Rotorua, the thermal capital of NZ. We’ve had a full-on few days - here’s a sample! We left Auckland at the crack of noon on Boxing Day, heading first for the airport to collect our hire car. We were pleasantly surprised that the cheap car we had booked was actually pretty new and shiny - bonus! Graeme took the wheel and we headed south for Rotorua. We arrived at about tea time, and after checking into our hostel (we were meant to be camping, but after lots of rain the previous week, decided to opt for the comfort of a roof and a bed) quickly found a nice pub in which to eat dinner. We had a relatively quiet evening - ... read more
Waving for the camera!
At the top of the waterfall.
Jo at the Champagne Pool

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua November 16th 2004

Greetings from civilisation (I mean that they speak english). It's been a while since our last update because we've been very buzy or very lazy. After the Inca Trail we vegged in Cusco for a couple of days doing the touristy sights (museums etc). We then headed for Nazca to see the Nasca Lines, huge patterns (some over 100m long)carved into the worlds driest desert. The only way to see them properly is by plane. A four seater plane (including the pilot)was our transport and the flight alone was fantastic as the pilot banked steeply first to one side then the other as he pointed out the patterns on the ground. The afternoon in Nasca was a bit more sedate - we toured a pre-inca cemetary. There were bodies that had been mummified by the dry ... read more
Little Dune Buggy
Ballestos Islands
Easter Island

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua July 14th 2004

Kia Ora (a general greeting of good will & a diluting soft drink found in th UK) A visit to a Maori Marae (village/meeting place) started with a short bus journey, the Maori guide entertained us with songs and chants along the way and even taught me how to say a few things in Maori. Our bus was now known as a waka and we elected a chief from the waka to accept a piece offering from the Maori warrior that met us at the entrance to the Marae - following me so far? After the lecture about not laughing at or imitating the warrior's dance we were allowed out of the waka, where we stifled our giggles and watched the dance which resembled something like a chicken on a hot tin roof doing gymnastics while ... read more
Tititorea - stick game
The Haka
Maori Warior

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua July 13th 2004

Day two of the Kiwi Experience bus  Whitianga ------ Rotorua The day started early so we could be at hot water beach at low tide, yes this is a beach with hot water.  The water rolling in from the sea is quite cool but our tour guide explained that if we get the right spot, it is possible to dig and make your own hot pool.  This is due to the geo-thermal activity taking place just under our feet. So my team hired some spades and started digging - there were already a few people bathing in the hot water, and we were pretty eager to make the most of the low tide - we got stuck in near to the other hot pools.  We were digging and digging in various spots but there was nothing ... read more
Toastie Bums

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua December 5th 2002

After a few quiet evenings on the east of the North Island I decided that I needed to meet some people again. Rotorua is nicknamed Roto-Vegas by some of the locals due the huge amount of tourism that goes on there. Having been to Las Vegas the nickname is a little oversized. Although tourist oriented, see the mud pools, smell the sulphur, the scale and size of the city is along the lines of a small town back home. The Funky Green Voyager is where I chose to stay. Run by Gerard an eclectic verbally active host with a brusque but friendly style. Must find a really big word for Gerard. I spent my first day in Rotorua at the Wai-O-Tapu - Thermal Wonder World, a collection of smelly coloured and bubbling pools, and the Lady ... read more
The Artists Pallete
Bubbling Mud
Lady Knox Geyser

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