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January 25th 2011
Published: January 25th 2011
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Written on Saturday - posted Tuesday - just to confuse me!!
We arrived at our next home exchange yesterday – Friday. It is a lovely cottage at Okere Falls overlooking Lake Rotoiti…we are in the Rotorua area which is well known for thermal activity…there are many places where you can experience boiling streams, steam and gas vents ( fumaroles) and geysers, bubbling mud pools and all sorts of other volcanic activity going on…and a chemistry lesson in minerals being deposited. So "steamy" does not refer to any "goings on" none of that likely I'm afraid - but everywher you look there is steam coming up out of cracks in the earth - and boiling streams and lakes. And although it is smelly in places it is not too bad without a peg on the nose too.
It wa ssunny when we arrived. The cottage is so beautiful – surrounded by enormous fern trees , a huge palm and other tropical greenery …….we have a verandah to relax on and Suz and I are fighting over who gets to sit in the hammock seat. Thanks to Jackie and Goff for this lovely exchange.
Over the lake is a lovely little deli and grocery store which is also a coffee shop … and they sell wonderful fudge- we had to try it out!!!
WE had a fine afternoon having a wander in the town of Rotorua and got ourselves booked into a Maori Cultural evening with a hangi ( dinner cooked in a pit) – so I am looking forward to seeing the dancing and the Haka again…and am sure Suz will enjoy it as much as I did last time I was here. WE wentto the Polynesian Spa and booked massages for Monday evening and we will be able to use the hot pools by the lakeside also.
Unfortunately the weather has changed and we woke to cloud and it had rained in the night…but off we went to the Wai O Tapu thermal wonderland. So walk with me this time and experience the sights- am sorry you wont get the smells of sulphur and hydrogen sulphide . It is quite something to walk around and see this Earth’s activity – very primeval. And look at some of the colours – especially the bright green pool.
Just managed to get round our walk before the rains really came down so our plans were a bit curtailed today – but are are happy to be relaxing here and it’s not cold .
Suz has got a supply of DVDs and I have spotted some jigsaws so if rain continues we will be happy as long as the fudge supplies hold out.
Love to all Lynne and Suz. xx

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25th January 2011

Glad the weather didn't put you off
Well done for venturing out despite the weather. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Waiotapu and look forward to reading all about your Hangi and Concert and visit to Polynesian Spa.
25th January 2011

Lynne Life is tough isn't it Lynne? All the pictures you've posted seem wonderful and, mostly, wonderful sun, which I miss awfully, "steamy" would do me well. It is almost cruel of you sending these wonderful sun shine pics. How stunning! Still I hope you are still enjoying it all. I was wondering if you are sufering "hoilday fatigue"? Much love Keep the sun-shine coming in. Janice
29th January 2011

Which house is yours ?
Hi Lynne and Suz, Which house is yours 2 or 3 ? I have been to Rotarua , great place. Suz looks like you, apart from the dark hair. I have had all of my family staying the last week, as we did not catch up at Christmas time. Great time together. Talk soon. Regards Wilma.
30th January 2011

sludge and fudge!
Wow doesn't it all look weird? I can almost smell the sulphur just from the look of the place. Yet all your talk of fudge sent me rushing off for the last of the Xmas chox -well I needed an excuse! It's Sunday night and I've done most of my marking so am catching up on your blogs as a little nightcap treat, accompanied by some nice red wine. Well, if you'll excuse me I need to get on to your next episode and see if the weather improves...

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