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August 11th 2010
Published: August 11th 2010
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This one is behind glass. I saw real ones last night, just a few inches away.
Last night I went to Rainbow Springs to see the kiwi. What a thrill. You walk through large area with very low fence on either side. The kiwi are running around and can be as close as a few inches away. It was tempting to reach down and touch one, but I refrained. (with difficulty) If you come here, I recommend this site; and come at night first. The ticket is $26 and you can use it again in the morning to go with the staff who feed the animals. Go before nine p.m., because tour groups from nearby Maori dance and meal will come soon after. If you are early you can walk by yourself through forests and cages and blue and green lights. And the best part is that some of the money supports the kiwi program here that raises kiwi and sets them free in the wild. I saw the native lizard (forget name). Most of the animals from New Zealandia in Wellington are here, and can be seen either at night or day.
Word of warning, Jennie, the parrot that can rip away the rubber from car tires, is really loud when she tries to entertain you.
Rainbow SpringsRainbow SpringsRainbow Springs

Worth every penny, and they raise and release kiwis.
Get ready to plug your ears while she whistles. Note, the large trout in the pools can swim in and out of the complex, so when you see them crowded in tank at night, it is their choice. And finally, pick up water bottle at ticket counter when you enter so you can get volcanic springwater.
Last night we went to unusual restaurant where they bring super-heated slabs of volcanic basalt from Papua New Guinea and raw meat. You slice the meat and cook it at your table. I ordered steak and it was soaked in seasonings so when you carved off a piece and let it cook (about 45 seconds) it was tender and tasty.
I have some time this morning to upload everyday photos. You can see strange names for coffee. Actually, I haven't found an ordinary coffee yet, but I'm getting use to the frothy cream in my coffee.

Additional photos below
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What he didn't like he picked up and threw off the plate.
Rare DuckRare Duck
Rare Duck

She was really friendly, demanding attention.
What a jobWhat a job
What a job

He gets to feed the critters every day. Note coat...it was -0.8 this morning.
Wild birdsWild birds
Wild birds

Both of these species are wild and fly into the fenced in area to steal the food from proctected bird (something like a pheasant)
Swan and troutSwan and trout
Swan and trout

They breed trout here and release them.

Chewing my shoe.

The next photos are introduced animals

Brought over from Australia, they are small, and hop around like big, cute, rats.
Nice walkNice walk
Nice walk

Pathways are lovely
Real KiwiReal Kiwi
Real Kiwi

Photo is blurred because it was quite dim and kiwis move really fast.
Cook Your Own SteakCook Your Own Steak
Cook Your Own Steak

The black rocks are super-heated. You slice off pieces of meat and it cooks within seconds.

There are several stone meals to chose from, meats and fish.
Traffic JamTraffic Jam
Traffic Jam

While sitting in rush hour morning traffic I took this photo of swamp hen off to the side. Note the frost on ground.

Quiet time to find a laundromat, post office and internet cafe.

First attempt at parallel parking....not bad
Corner StoreCorner Store
Corner Store

'Dairy' in Rotorua
I just want a coffeeI just want a coffee
I just want a coffee

The New Zealand word is 'flatwhite' for coffee and milk. It is a shot of espresso with whipped cream.
Crank HostelCrank Hostel
Crank Hostel

Good place to use internet, and if you are bored you can always climb a wall.
Toilet RulesToilet Rules
Toilet Rules

If you have been to Korea or Cyprus or similar places, you'd understand why these instructions are necessary in the bathrooms here.

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