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April 4th 2008
Published: April 5th 2008
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Since the earth is still working hard to create New Zealand (or push in under Australia, forget which way the plate is moving) the entire area, particulary around Roturua, stinks. 'breathing is just no fun anymore' Geysers, mud pools, sulphur springs etc are everywhere. The reek of sulphur would frequently appear on the breeze giving you an instant desire to retch. Got used to it after a while. Closed bedroom window one night, just trapped the smell inside. Smelled like there's been lots of sweaty blokes in there. Does make for very impressive sights though. 'You can feel the pulse of the pavement racing like a runaway horse. The subways are steaming and the skin of the street is gleaming with sweat'

Spent 2 days touring the are looking for more thing to assult the nose and astound the eyes. Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland and Waimangu Volcanic Valley had a wide collection showing nature at its most beautiful, and a reminder of how destructive it can be without trying. Also visited a buried village. Covered in mud by the eruption of Mt Tarawera in 1886, it's taken them a while to excavate even a small part of this particular Maori village. Many just vanished off the map.

There are signs everywhere saying please stay on the path. Well duh, if the muds boiling, safe bet it'll be quite warm. I heard a story of some idiot backpacker that wandered off the main track. The rock below him was only a few centimetres thick and cracked. Up to his knees then became one whole blister. Sorry, don't have photos of that. And sorry to anyone who just flinched. ya ha ha

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Birds Nest CraterBirds Nest Crater
Birds Nest Crater

Fun place to make a home
Bridal Veil FallsBridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls

Not quite as quick as Huka Falls
Coffee PotCoffee Pot
Coffee Pot

Anyone fancy a brew? Also used as a bath. Both pretty unappealing
Mud PoolMud Pool
Mud Pool

Fancy a dip

5th April 2008

I think you may disturb people who don't know the randomly quoted Meat Loaf lyrics :) I guess "It's never been this hot and I've never been so bored" is appropriate, if only half true! Looks amazing. Jealous! I can't help but be reminded of some of the more gruesome scenes from Dante's Peak though...
7th April 2008

Hi Lizzie! Looks fabulous - saw Sarah for a coffee on Fri. I have given her your blog details - but I have warned her there's a lot to read unless you have been keeping up!! I look forward to your updates. Lol Samantha xx
7th April 2008

Meat Loaf
Well, it's been hotter, and I'm not bored. Lyrics chosen carefully. Not fussed about scaring people, if they don't recognise Meat Loaf they haven't been listening to my ranting so should be ashamed of themselves anyway.

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