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April 2nd 2008
Published: April 5th 2008
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Superb day.
Having made my own way to Rotorua, I wandered slightly aimlessly till I found the correct hostel. Spent 10 minutes pouring over leaflets deciding what to do. Made a quick to do list and headed down to reception to try and book it all. 5 mins later, had 3 tours and a evening concert booked. One leaving in shortly so no time to find food. (of make any of my superb jam sarnies that I'm currently living on - real food costs to much and requires effort)

First stop Matamata. Or Hobbiton to give it it's proper name. 3 hours hanging out with fellow Lord of The Rings geeks. The entire of Hobbition is on one large farm. Well hidden from sight. Hence the appeal of the area, only 1 man made building in sight. A barn that turned in to an unconvincing tree. The tour also included a farm demonstation. Just sheep this time. Not quite as scary as the cows. Watched a sad looking sheep getting sheared. Then laughed at it shivering. Then we got to feed the lambs. Given a bottle to hold out for them. Scary little dudes. Mine kept trying to bite past the bottle and get to my hand. what is it with me and farm animals. Maybe they can smell my fear.

Evening was spent at the Tamaki Maori Village. Taught about Maori culture, a wander round a traditional Maori village then treated to a fantastic concert, including obviously the Haka, and some very cool stick waving, singing and dancing. (brain to tired to think up better description, see photos) followed by Hangi, feast cooked in the traditional way, under the ground. Well when your country's built on one large lava lake, may as well take advantage of the super heated ground. Superb evening. Can see why it's won numerous awards. A must see for anyone travelling through. Even the bus ride back to town was good. We were made to talk a little about our country or sing - a French girl sung her national anthem, (great voice) and the Aussies sang a song about Vegemite.

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Sheep ShearingSheep Shearing
Sheep Shearing

Does anyone think they look a little too friendly?

5th April 2008

Nice picture of the Party Tree (or something that looks like it anyway!). I'm waiting for you to tell us that you either sang Bat Out Of Hell or the Liquidator as an example of why you love England :)
5th April 2008

Nice picture of you by the way. I'm guessing you only have half an arm in the next shot we don't see :)
5th April 2008

You look very well. Lovely photo of you feeding the lamb. This life is suiting you.

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