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January 6th 2006
Published: January 6th 2006
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Now back in Napier on my way to first tramp.....
Please don't allow me to go to an auction on my own again! Although it probably would be easier a second time.....
For a start the independent mechanical checks were not available as they'd closed for the Christmas break (uuntil an 9th!!) - I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised after Mum, Dad and I drove around Wellington trying to find a restuarant open on Tue evening - after 10 attempts we finally found one.
So, back to the auction - meant I had less info than I would have liked. That peturbed me, tried to get help from sales assistants, one of whom did try is best, also said he would help me bid (unfortunately he was busy at the time).Now, I have got better at operating with less research than normal, but not that good! It was a long day and when it got to the auction, the auctioneer on the 'lane' I was interested in a car (or two) in was fairly unintelligible to my ears (of course the one on the other lane was fine). So, stopped bidding for one car because I thought the price had gone too high - only o discover it sold for only $50 more than the 'limit' I'd set myself. oh yes, and two lanes going at once - lots of noise and two cars that I was interested in came up at the same time - couldn't multi task enough for that.
When it got to the other one, he was trying to get a start price going and bringing the value down, and I found my hand had shot up instead of waiting for it to go lower. Doh! So I go the car, but probably for more than I should have paid.
Anyway, it have driven fine today from Wellington to Napier, will endeavour to look after it and fingers crossed for an easy sale at the end of my trip.
Pretty shattered today - hope for a rejuvenating sleep before camping and huts this week.
bye for now!


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