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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata April 8th 2016

Another glorious morning so we spent it on the beach outside the motorhome. We walked all the way to the end to see if we could find a route round to a tiny little bay that we could see. There was a kind of estuary to cross and as we drew near we could see that the water ran too deep and fast to make a crossing. The kids beachcombed for shells and we set laid out some towels to catch the lovely mid morning sun. Cas took the kids in for a dip and then Ed and Hat set about building a jacuzzi in the wet sand. After lunch we set off on our last stop before Auckland as the motorhome is due back on the 9th and we fly on the 10th. We pitched ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata January 21st 2011

Coromandel Peninsula and Hamilton/Waitomo Wednesday 12th January Arrived in Whitianga about 8pm and went in search of food. The town is really quiet – we think there are a lot of empty holiday homes - and most restaurants seem to stop serving food by ~8:30. But the Indian restaurant lived up to expectations and served late – all the way to 9:30! Everything was closing by about 10pm. Thursday 13th January Slow start today after the long drive yesterday. Caught up with emails etc and then wandered around the shops in town. Peter is looking for some new sandals but there was nothing in stock for his size. NZers must all have small feet. Drove out of town and around to Hahei where we walked to Cathedral Cove – a bay where the last beach can ... read more
Cathedral Cove Arch
Julia on Cathedral Cove beach
ready to dig on hot water beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata October 18th 2010

As Fern and I were taking a shortcut to the mall Friday afternoon were walked through a swampy gully with a boardwalk. The path was packed with beautiful trees and a birds and a little trickling stream and was simple magical looking! Fern was laughing at me for being so enthralled by everything I saw and promised me that if I thought the “smelly swamp” was pretty, I would go absolutely bonkers when we got to the beach. She was right but more about that later. I should really document all this in chronological order. So after our walk around the shopping center Fern and I continued our tour around the neighborhood by stopping by the most incredible playground I’ve ever seen! New Zealand is a world leader in extreme adventure sports and is undoubtedly home ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata February 23rd 2010

Después de una semana de mucho trabajo nos decidimos por escapar nuevamente de Gizzy que es un pueblo re fome (aburrido). Las chilenas (Paula y Karen) nos invitaron a pasar un fin de semana a Whangamata un pueblito que queda en la península de Coromandel (próximo destino obligado) a 400km de acá. Como Paula esta pololeando con un kiwi y nos podíamos quedar en su casa nos pareció una buena oportunidad para despejar las cabecitas después de ver tanto zapallo. Salimos el viernes a la tarde después de un día de trabajo, nosotras dormimos casi todo el viaje y llegamos a eso de la una de la mañana. El pololo de Paula nos esperaba en la casa de un amigo, así que nos quedamos un rato ahí. Al otro día las chilenas nos deleitaron con un ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata February 4th 2010

Having to work every weekend is turning into a trend so hubby and I decided that on Thursday we would go somewhere if the weather was nice...yes BEACH DAY!!! We had just recently been to the Cormonadel where hubby read up about Opoutere Beach. and it all sounded good so we decided to head there. It is a 2 hour drive from Auckland but that was not to defeat us. We had checked the weather forecast the night before so we were a bit dumbfounded as to why it was chucking it down with rain in the Coromandel while we were driving there. It was a bit disconcerting as well because we seemed to have left the sunshine back in Auckland. Anyway upon arrival at least the rain had stopped and the sun was attempting to ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata December 16th 2008

Tuesday 16th, I had a very interesting day, set out from Hahei, my plan to visit Hot Water Beach, 10km away, or wherever the road takes me. I got pickup just outside of town by a very friendly lady named Carra. She dropped me off at the SH26, which would take me to the SH25 on my way to Tauranga. I walked for about 1km & was picked up by a older couple thats originaly from the UK. Very friendly & very interesting people. They've been in NZ for three years & is on there way to go live somewhere else. They have lived all over the world. They droped me off in Thames. Its a bit of an industrial town so I deceided to head out to Tauranga on the SH26. Out of town three ... read more
SH25 to Thames
SH26 to Thames (goin the wrong way!)
SH25 to Whangamata (Right way!)

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata October 12th 2008

Free, to do what we want at any old time. With a brand new van as replacement for the last leaky one and up graded to a bigger version, that thankfully did not smell of Stuart´s wetsuits, we started on our travels. Our plan was to travel up the Coromandel peninsula, an area that we had heard had unrivalled beauty and to perhaps catch some fo the beautiful beaches that settled into the northern part of the north island. We bumbled along the roads until we reached the left turn that would take us up the peninsula and into the town of Paeroa, the home of the famous L&P drink. It is a bit of a NZ tradition with all of the people drinking it, however the Stones and I did not partake and just looked ... read more
Imagen em1 002
Imagen em1 003
Imagen em1 004

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata July 2nd 2008

A kiwi is a local New Zealander. They call each other and themselves kiwis, and it's not in an insulting way, either. Jack says his hand is a little sore, but only when I jab the wound. Makes sense. No signs of tetanus. He should be covered by that last immunization, so I think we have all forgotten about it. Today is Wednesday, our day off, so we drove up north into the Coromandel Peninsula to see what we could find. We made it to Whangamata (pronounced fangamata with an accent on the last "a"). We had breakfast at a cafe, walked on the beach, drove around through a national forest, and trespassed. The hills are so massive and so carved out. Everything is really spaced out, land and house-wise, and the towns are so tiny. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata May 6th 2008

Hi everyone Sorry for the delay in writing this long overdue blog!! What can I say I've been having too good a time to sit down long enough to put fingers to keys!!! Well I can't believe I've been away for 2 & 1/2 months already and the impending truth of only a short time left in New Zealand! Lets see my last entry ended with me arriving in Ngaio Bay. An absolutely stunning place. Being able to wake every moring and look out on to the beach words really can't describe. It gave me a real energy to stand in the fresh open space and do yoga each morning before work and then swim every afternoon in the sea having walked in the vast expanse or chilling with one of our hosts many books. If ... read more
Moturoa Island 12
Moturoa Island 5
Moturoa Island 6

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata January 11th 2008

Siguen las vacaciones dentro de las vacaciones, pero no queria hartarlos de fotos de entrada... por eso van en tandas. ... read more
Reel nuevo

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