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April 24th 2009
Published: April 24th 2009
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THURS - went to the house to sort my stuff out in the afternoon, the teams were back early because of easter...strange they get easter off and we didnt get to come back for xmas... Still feel pretty ill but i went out with the vols anyway, was a good night 😊

FRI - said by to Jenny today properly!! sad times 😞 went to town with Dave, Dan (vol not leader), Adam and Moritz, was a laugh. Went to the rugby in the evening with the lads, Blues v Lions, had no idea what was going on but it was fun! The Blues' mascot is a pirate!! always good :D Loads of cheerleaders, they're not mythical creatures they're real and enviable hehe.

SAT - booked my Stray travel today!!! eventually booked it! wow! i leave for Hahei on Monday! Vegged out on the sofa in the evening with Adam and watched Butterfly Effect (again), the others went out

SUN - up early to go to Tiritiri Matangi (reserve/bird island) today with Dave - he was in a state after last night - trip over to the island was fine. Landed and saw a Takahe immediately 😊 - very rare bird - walked around looking for various birds, loads of Tuis and Bellbirds out today, saw Saddleback and Hihi too 😊 awesome!! One of the Takahe, Greg, was so tame/friendly we could stroke him! got some great pics of him and his mate Cheesecake 😊 went for a curry with Dave, Adam, Charlie and Moritz in the evening, was pretty good, not as good as the Oh Calcutta one though, we did get free poppadums :D a good conclusion to the non-travelling part of my trip!


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