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November 15th 2006
Published: December 11th 2006
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So yeah, not REALLY a 'travel' blog, it's just that i really like this blog site.... and have grown attached to it in mexico...
anyways so just a blog

After months of stress, weeks of no sleep, days of anxiety and hours of hyper ventalation,.... it was all over on November the 13th
They took a couple of days to mark and to moderate, and the Exhibition opening evening was on the 15th... (sorry i don't have photos for that particular night, but there was alot of mingling, free wine and design.... what could be better???)

so straight to the point aye.... this blog will act as a little rationale

In light_end

(Proposal) Hypothetical Question: To visually represent the cognitive (sub)conciousness in relation to the journey of a creative block

3 Pieces
1. Moving image piece:
intro>>>it starts of with inspirational picturisque photos and introduces the structures of the 16 piece grid that's carries into the main central piece Ithis represents the initial cliche'd approach many experience when trying to encounter inspiration to overcome a creative block
main>>>a collection of 16 narratives (with a grounding of luminous objects) that start off with flickers/ flashes of (luminous) imagery in the 16 grid and transforms into a moving image piece that almagates together, to form one defining moment, white 'moment', the 'moment of inspiration/overcoming a creative block' in this 16 narrative grid piece, there are 16 variations in how they almagamate together, each less than 1 mins, so the total piece is about 15mins
credits>>> again, an extension of the journey of overcoming a creative block, it's a raw take of the names of people that have suported and helped me through this time... some say it's more interesting than the actualy moving image!!! lol

2. Photographic Piece <16-perpex cube piece>
Again follows the 16 grid structure, but takes 16 picturisque and composed luminous photos, and is replicated 6 times in the same cube, printed on various mediums. an extension of the representation of visual variables, visual variables in which you apply to inspiration tin the journey to overcome creative blocks.

3. Web Element
The Web element is a theoreotical extension of these, taking similar visual elements, with 16 web pages in a 4x4 grid, takes you on an abstract explorative journey through overcoming a creative block with your mouse, lots of random rollovers and connection jumps, which again represents the fact that the journey is not always a smooth, consecutive journey. there are randomisation of ideas, intuitive influence and jumps from one idea path to the next

The Stand
Suppose to be a visual extension of the work. Mine was more interactive in the fact it wasn't really one big stand but a collection of lil boxes(cubes), some see it and an obvious representaion of creative blocks, others a myriad of ideas and modules of the mind.


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