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June 1st 2008
Published: June 1st 2008
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So! We are here in Auckland! We stayed at a hotel last night and met our new flatmates this morning! They don't mind that we are staying short term and have already found a guy who can move in the day we leave and stay for a few months.

Stephanie and her boyfriend Daniel are our age, as well as their other flatmate who in some ways reminds me of Rob! We miss you, Rob! They are really easy to get along with, and we have already met both of their families and most of their friends. We just got back from the most amazing dinner with Daniel's family! All the women worked for a catering service at one point or another in their lives. It was even better than the Turkish food we found in Mount Maunganui!

They took us out to the beach earlier to see the Tasman Sea, but I forget what it was called. Anyway, the sand is black from the volcanic rock, so that was different.

We are all set to stay here until next Wednesday and head back to the Burrowing Bullie. I'm about ready to crash and it's only 8:45! Hope you all are doing well!

Jack says hi. Daniel has a ping pong table.

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1st June 2008

Day 14
Time is flying uh? So do you think that before day 30 we could actually hear from Jack himself? I wonder what comment he would write at the end from Lindsay? Enjoy Auckland! Send some more pics! Love, M
1st June 2008

Hey Lindsay!!!! Wow I feel like it's been a decade since I've seen you and you've done a billion things in so little time :) Rach, Teen Teen, and I just returned from a little 5 day adventure in Ely in a sweet bunkhouse. (Erik and Caleb went too) Very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You're 20! I'm next! If you have any flatmates that are anything like me you will be blessed :) JK but seriously...haha LOVE YA! hi Jack!
1st June 2008

Good Times
Hey you to, sounds like everything is working out well with your jobs and things. Looks like a cool place to work. I like the building and the bug Tui sign. Have fun in Auckland. If you get the chance you should go to Ponsonby Rd. Thants where we worked and there are some cool shops and restaraunts there. Oh yeah and The Cavalier Pub (68 College Hill Rd in Ponsonby) has good burgers and sweet potato fries, check it out if you want. Talk to you later.
2nd June 2008

ping pong
when daniel gets tired of beating jack maybe i'll have to come over and whup him up a little. how do you pronounce the name of the town you are working in? anyway, the anderson ranch all sends it's best regards. blake's grad party was yesterday then we all went to the "hill" to race the karts. blake and lance were both in the front row for the feature and then it rained out. would have been interesting!! all the food from the party that was left went into the menard trailer in crockpots. i think there was a good 30 people hanging in their trailer after the races. everyone wants to know how you are doing . i told them about the website but you know...they're from wisconsin. have a good week. john
3rd June 2008

oh my goodness lindsay and jack, we are so sorry it has taken us so long to get on here! It sounds like you are having an amazing time! glad to hear you are finding your way and meeting new people! jason says he hopes that the new zealanders aren't giving you too much crap about your whiteness. He aslo says if things get tough and you need help feel free to use your life line and phone a friend, not sure what we could do, but we'd figure something out, he's in touch with some pigmis that are part of the austrailian mafia that are ready to rock at your becking call. as for us minnesotans we pass day by day waiting for your most recent comment. mmm, not sure if that made sense, i was just typing as he was talking! haha! ok, anyway, glad you guys are having fun! talk to you soon! love ya, amber and jason

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