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January 5th 2010
Published: January 5th 2010
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So after two weeks I found a job in Auckland. Just casual work to help pay the bills and fund the holiday activities. Won't really be reviewing that side of my life here. It is working with children and twice we went to Long Bay and twice I never got to see the beach, curiosity was getting the better of me.

Long Bay is only 30 minutes from Auckland and be warned it is a very popular beach and gets NZs version of crowded. We had to drive all the way to the end to find a parking space but we came in the afternoon after lunch and still found space to park so I think that is pretty impressive. It was a sunny Sunday so we were not that surprised. I am sorry but I honestly believe beaches here are two big for them to complain about crowded. I come from Jamaica and trust me beaches there get crowded. Maybe it's because I am so happy that beaches here are not monopolised by the big hotel chains that charge a fortune for the all inclusive experience of the beach. I love my country and it is beautiful but access to the beaches here is really something special that should be treasured! Being able to walk for miles uninhibited down the beach....I constantly smile to myself thinking about it.

So it maybe isn't one of the prettiest beaches I have seen here but it makes the grade of somewhere I would happily come again. It kind of splits itself into two: those who want to barbecue on the grassy picnic sites on the grass (you have to book, I assume well in advance?) or just find a small space for a picnic and those who come to officially beach it with a spot on the sand and a swim in the water and I guess there is always the third option of doing a bit of both. Plenty of people were doing both today, with plenty of space for football, frisby and the smells of the barbecue.

Anyway we found our space on the sand with no picnic today just water and some snacks. Definitely a swimming beach this time but I could still only brave putting my feet into the water. We went for a lovely coastal walk as well with fantastic views over the Hauraki Gulf. I believe it can be a long walk if you choose but we walked past the two beaches before deciding to head back.

All in all another relaxing day and a happy thought that we only had a quick drive before we were back home.


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