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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore October 7th 2016

Après de longues et ennuyeuses journées passées sur trademe, I found my car! I hope it is a good buy, we'll see ! Toyota ipsum 140 000km, 4100$. Il ne lui manque plus que quelques autocollants moustachus ;) See ya !!!... read more
Ma future chambre pour quelques nuits
Petite tarte au citron pour feter ca !!!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore October 6th 2016

Me voilà à Helensville chez Judi et Paul depuis maintenant 4j. Ils habitent une maison au milieu des champs, avec une chienne Izzie (qui bave bcp quand il y a des orages et qu'elle a peur) une vache Lucie, 4 poules et un coq. C'est un couple fantastique de bonté et de générosité ! Des parents de substitution! Pendant deux jours j'ai fait du bois avec Paul et nous avons monté une nouvelle gouttière sur son hangar. Entre temps je suis monté à Whangarei (2h de bus) pour essayer une voiture : vaste arnaque et grosse perte de temps et d'argent. Je suis donc tjs à la recherche d'une auto, elle tarde à montrer le bout de son capot mais je ne désespère pas. Ici il pleut toujours depuis mon arrivée, mon lombaires vont mieux ;) ... read more
Première photo de nz, il est heureux ;)
Si cela ne s'appelle pas du vol ?!?!
Bière (iPa) trop bonne  et oiseau local : Tui

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore June 22nd 2015

Finally finished my exams, last ones until February (maybe) and 1 week from leaving this cold wet weather. Still planning and organising. Have so much to do and get done and I can't wait. Need to book some more accommodation for Northern/Central Europe but the first bits are done. Gonna miss the little bro and Mum, Dad and Friends. Sam got grounded but we all know that will last 2 minutes, so I'll be spending some quality ;) time with him before I go. Honestly cannot wait, going to be incredible.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore November 6th 2013

The trek to Bangkok by Mike We departed the ship early morning and got an excursion which for us was as much about getting our luggage to the airport as anything else. We went to a couple of places we had already seen like Hagia Sophia although we went to a different area which was nice. It was still a buzz seeing it again too. We went to the Hippodrome – the venue of sporting contests in ancient times. Chariots would ride in and race here. There was also a pillar brought from Egypt to Constantinople which was cool as didn’t get there. We took tons of photos for you Carl! We then went to the Chora Museum which was a church and it contains some of the most beautiful mosaic. Then there was the trek ... read more
Just another car yard
Typical Bangkok traffic
Mickey laxing out Thai style

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore November 4th 2013

Santorini by Michelle What an amazing island! We were tethered in the port so had a leisurely breakfast then caught the ferry boat onto the island. Santorini is an incredibly beautiful island with the buildings set up high in hills. Hard to describe but the classic Greece ‘whitestone buildings with blue accents’ prints show it perfectly. It is actually a volcanic mountain so you choose one of three ways up. 1) Walk up steep terrain for approx 45 minutes 2) Steep but fast gondola to the top 3) Donkey ride to the top. Mike will cover off his option but Jake and I chose the gondola. Three minutes flat to go up a very long way! As we approach each ridge it feels like we are about to hit the rock walls but thankfully they have ... read more
Looking down on our cruise ship from a bar in Santorini
The path up to Santorini
Another gorgeous view of the med

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore November 1st 2013

Rhodes by Michelle I woke up in the port of Rhodes and looked out the porthole to get my bearings. WOW – there’s a castle outside the window! After breakfast we walked into the old fortified town of Rhodes and had an explore. Our first observation of the shopkeepers is whilst (like the Turkish one) they still say “yes please, yes please, come on in please”, they aren’t as pushy. A simple no thankyou or just browsing is acceptable which meant we were actually able to browse. Mike and Jacob had been dying to get a new chess set and the lure of a Greek mythology set made out of alabasta was too hard to pass up (despite the continuing issues we have with increasing luggage weight). Wanting a cold drink and a snack we made ... read more
Part of the Rhodes fortress
The site of the Colossus of Rhodes
Jacob in Mykonos

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore October 30th 2013

Ephesus by Mike We had an early start as we had booked a boat excursion and there was a lot to see today. First stop was the House of the Virgin Mary. This is where she is settled after the death of Christ. She settled here with John the Baptist nearby as he had sworn to look after her. Pretty spiritual place – this was turning into quite a religious journey for me. I lit two candles there – one for Mum and one for Jo, and we then filled some bottles with spring water to keep. Off to Ephesus. These ruins are bloody spectacular. The Council/ Town Hall, to The Temple of Hadrian all impressive. 250,000 population, one public toilet…the amphitheatre was grand. All the time thinking what it would be like to live there ... read more
Library of Celcius Ephesus
Ruins at Ephesus
The Castle of Bodrum

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore October 29th 2013

Istanbul by Michelle Feel a bit queasy this morning. Perhaps all the travel and excitement catching up with me? Perhaps the 4:30am wake up then unable to go back to sleep in case we miss the alarm for the flight to Istanbul? Most likely the mental taxi driver to the airport! Lovely man and all and only to too willing to chat about sights on the way and point them out. No I mean really! He’s driving us down the motorway looking out the window and pointing to something to show Mike whilst madly gesticulating with the other hand and I look at the speedo and it reads 155km/hour. Feck - my blood pressure can’t take this!!! By the time you account for airports, transfers flights and time differences it’s around 4:30pm when we arrive at ... read more
New Zealand memorial Gallipoli
Changing of the guards at the palace
Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore October 22nd 2013

Roma – the end of the Road (well for Billy anyway!) The Road Trip – by Michelle Well the road trip comes to an end, where we also began, in Roma. So my job is to reflect on the road trip and our time with the RV and Billy-boy! Well let’s start at the end. We manage to negotiate ourselves around the Ring Road this time so don’t end up in the middle of Rome but safely down to the campervan place. Now we had a few mishaps (to put it nicely) with the RV so are expecting our $1500 Euro deposit will never be seen again. Additionally, we are expecting to be caned for millage as we are way over our limit. To re-cap: - Millage allowance based on what ‘sane’ people would travel over ... read more
The famous Bruce Lee scene in the colossem reinacted
Outside the colossem
The Vatican

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore October 9th 2013

Saturday night is Barca night by Mike OK so I have been totally indulged here. Michelle lets me buy three tickets at €90 each (a bargain I say)…we make Sat Oct 5 a drop dead day to get to Barcelona and sacrifice all things to get here on time. I booked the tickets last night and all things seem in hand. We did have to get the tickets physically because I couldn’t print the e tickets but that’s OK… We arrive at camp site and book in – I look at the timetables and last train leaves at midnight…no way we will make it. “What ways to get into and out of Barcelona?” I ask. Taxi out – apparently horrendous cost and they aren’t allowed to go in farther than the airport already?! We tentatively decide ... read more
Team huddle before kick off
Mich, Mike, Charles and Cam!
Street food markets

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