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January 12th 2009
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So I finally made it out of Fiji. As i was walking out of customs i got interviewed by 2 New Zealand news channels, asking me about the current conditions in Fiji. I dont think i made the air tough i tried looking online but i think the used a native NZer instead.
So i hopped on the bus to get to town and along the way i was getting so excited a rush of adrenaline came over me it felt like i was coming home. I managed to get a bed in the same hostel i had stayed in back in 06 so memories and nostalgia came over me. I went for a walk about through the city to check it out and jog memories. Seeing bars, restaurants, shops and special clubs i had been in before with great friends.
Jan 13
Woke up early eager to try and hit a surf beach, but after being misinformed i was unable to make it out to surf any where. So I walk around did some shopping and played tennis with the Heineken girls that were promoting big day out on the weekend. I needed an adrenaline kick so i signed up for another Auckland bridge bungy. Fist jump i did a gainer it was pretty sick never did one of them before. Jimmy, jump master in Queesntown that i had remember, had started talking to me and he told me i should do a jump called the fruit bat, im game. It came down to me hanging over the edge by the tops of my toes, hard to describe but picture a bat upside down then picture me upside down hanging from to toes. It was sick. Rest of the day was fairly calm Nandos for dinner. Then to the "club" then to bed.
Jan 14
I hopped on a ferry to Devonport. I forgot i had been there before but remembered we didnt do much because it was windy and the last few days of our trip so we were pretty beat. I walked up both of the small volcanos there and sat on top for ages it was absolutely beautiful i could have sat there forever. The volcanos were also old military bases so i checked out the old guns and small museum. I spent the rest of the day walking around Devonport and napping on the beach. Then it was off to the airport to spend the night to head to Perth the next AM


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