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Oceania » Micronesia » Chuuk May 7th 2018

If you know me well, you know I'd rather dive with sharks than do a wreck dive. But having dived in over 60 countries, I had to keep Chuuk Lagoon on my wish-list. So here we are, I'm finally diving what is known as the best wreck diving in the world! Chuuk is one of the four group of islands that are part of Micronesia. It is also a new country for me, and one of the most difficult to access if you do not want to spend millions! My flight in was only slightly more expensive in business than in economy...but as a general rule, there is no cheap way to get to Chuuk. First, you've got to reach Guam, this is the easy part and I started by flying Hong Kong to Tokyo and ... read more
Couldn't resist to seat in the cockpit of this Japanese war plane!
I stay at the Blue Lagoon resort...
This picture was taking at 55 meters while penetrating the hull...

Oceania » Micronesia » Chuuk October 16th 2014

Where do I begin? Wow!!! I like to think of myself as well travelled-ish but Truk Lagoon, or Chuuk Lagoon as it is now known, blew me away. For those of you that don’t already know, Truk Lagoon was the site of Japan’s naval fleet in the pacific during WWII. In February 1944, as part of Operation Hailstone, Japan’s fleet were pretty much wiped out in a series of attacks which resulted in the world’s most amazing WWII wreck diving site. This is a scuba divers dream destination but don’t worry, I won’t bore you listing what I did/saw on each dive. I will however list my dive sites at the end of this blog for those interested. When we landed in Micronesia the passport control and baggage reclaim was unlike anywhere else I had been ... read more
Propellor from the Emily Flying Boat
A truck inside the Hoki Maru
Coral near the Emily Flying Boat

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei October 11th 2012

A toast to where, what, who??? To Pohnpei, a small island located about 7 degrees north of the equator on the far east side of the Micronesian Islands in the southern Pacific ocean. Tropical, remote, serene. But why on earth would anyone, other than the native Pohnpeians, spend the bucks and the time required to get to this out of the way place that doesn’t even have a white sandy beach to boast of? In the short 8 days which we spent in this beautiful place, we encountered not a single other tourist. We did; however, discover at least 10 different reasons, other than tourism, that people will journey from their home comfort zone and endure the hardship of working in this tropical destination: 1. US Department of Health and Human Services grant assistance: “We are ... read more
The best dining table in Micronesia
Keperohi Falls

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei January 13th 2012

The Lost Stone City – NANMADOL Last May 2010, I travelled to Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia to conduct a risk assessment training course (Image 1). That was one of the most enjoyable training courses I ever had. The Micronesians were so quick to learn and apply the knowledge gained. After all, risk analysis is one of those subjects that you learn by doing. No matter how many reference materials you read, if you don’t do it – it will be guess work!! And as an outcome, we are now in the process of releasing an introductory training course manual on risk analysis, maybe in a couple more weeks. It takes about an hour or so by boat (Image 2) and another half an hour beach walk. Before reaching this archaeological site, you can have a ... read more
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

Oceania » Micronesia » Kosrae February 27th 2011

Sunday 27.2 – Kosrae Why are you not allowed to swim on a Sunday when there is so much water around the island? Johanne asked. On Sundays, it is not considered polite to swim, wear short trousers, work, fish – just relax. Kosrae is Christian (like most of the Pacific). At one point in history there were only 300 Kosraean left – history tell that is was because of diseases introduced, but the former school teacher we talked to was convinced it was alcohol and syphilis. Anyway, the 300 left all introduced the strict rules for their society to protect them. We were up a bit late and didn’t mange to get to the Lelu church until 10:15. Birgitte and the children fist when to the building with service for the children, but came to the ... read more

Oceania » Micronesia » Kosrae February 26th 2011

Saturday 26.2 – Kosrae Japanese tunnels from WWII and island views and jungle hike. Today I was picked up by Hamilton, the owner of Ohma peak. His windshield was broken – he was cursing the government for not making landowner trim their coconut trees – one had fallen lately direct on his car. We went to Malem, a village on the east coast and started out from his house. The trek was regular jungle rain forest with green in green. It didn’t rain but I was sweating buckets. Hamilton first with his machete cutting new growth on the path. After one hour we reached a clearing where I saw the first Japanese tunnel. There were a couple of artifacts like a broken sake bottle with ‘nippon’ written on it. Not much animal life – surprised that ... read more
Erik on Mt. Ohma
Sake bottle
Kosrae - the world's car cemetery

Oceania » Micronesia » Kosrae February 25th 2011

Thursday 24.2 – Kosrae Treelodge has some sea kayaks and we took them out for a morning paddle. Much of the island consists of the interior, then a backwater swamp that floods by high tide. Next is another strip of land where the road goes around the island. A shallow sea is enclosed by a coral reef. So the Bully’s – the restaurant at our hotel, is next to the backwater and we started from there. Johanne with me and Anders with Birgitte. It was high tide going low tide, so we started north against the current and you could actually go quite far. There were birds but not so much else animal life. The scenery reminded me of Chang Mai with slow rivers and tree covered hills. We saw no one on the trip, though ... read more
The sleeping lady
Sipyen falls

Oceania » Micronesia » Kosrae February 23rd 2011

Tuesday 22.2 – Majuro – Kosrae, Micronesia Leaving Majuro, Marshall Islands. 45 minutes flight to Kwajalain atoll – also in the Marshall Islands. It is an American military base, and most people got off here. Nobody else were allowed off the plane. After 45 minutes the Island hopper continued and an hour later we were in the easternmost island in Micronesia – Kosrae. A lush and green island with high ‘mountains’ in the middle of the island. Similar to places like Bora Bora. We were the only tourists getting off the plane today together with 12 local. Mark from our hotel, Pacific Treelodge was waiting for us. He was hot happy with the tourist business – you were the only tourists on the plane? And Continental just cut back from 6 flights a week to 4 ... read more
Lelu Ruins, Kosrae
Sleeping lady, Kosrae

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei February 3rd 2011

Feb 04: Final day in Micronesia. I’m looking forward to being home and seeing the family. We tied up some loose ends today; met with the Governor, his staff, and the U.S. Embassy for a debrief meeting. Other than that, went for a quick hike and scouted out some old WWII relics (Japanese anti aircraft guns, bunkers, etc…). Anyhow, a hodge-podge of photos from the last week or so, including a couple action shots to prove that I am actually doing some work down here. ... read more
Another Beautiful Day
Japanese Anti Aircraft Gun
Swimming Tine Falls No. 3

Oceania » Micronesia » Pohnpei February 1st 2011

Feb 01: Well just like Alaska, the weather can affect all things here on Pohnpei Island. Today I saw the effects of Typhoon Yasi which is hitting Northeast Australia. I’ve never seen such intense rain. It rained for about an hour that flooded the streets, overflowed the rivers, and just created havoc everywhere. This afternoon is much nicer and the sun is starting to shine again. ... read more
Pohnpei Rain

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