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February 27th 2011
Published: February 27th 2011
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Lelu ChurchLelu ChurchLelu Church

Junior Sunday School
Sunday 27.2 – Kosrae
Why are you not allowed to swim on a Sunday when there is so much water around the island? Johanne asked. On Sundays, it is not considered polite to swim, wear short trousers, work, fish – just relax. Kosrae is Christian (like most of the Pacific). At one point in history there were only 300 Kosraean left – history tell that is was because of diseases introduced, but the former school teacher we talked to was convinced it was alcohol and syphilis. Anyway, the 300 left all introduced the strict rules for their society to protect them.
We were up a bit late and didn’t mange to get to the Lelu church until 10:15. Birgitte and the children fist when to the building with service for the children, but came to the large church shortly after. The large church is separated with one side for women and one for men. All women dressed in long dresses with flowers. The choir was singing when we came – 60 people, I counted. They had the top quarter of the church, so there was maybe 240 in church, with the children and parents in the other building, maybe 450 in

Anders and Erik sneaking out to take a sunsett swimm when no one sees...
total. It was kind of gospel like, loud and intense. I wouldn’t say it was beautiful singing, but it was genuine. There was a one minute summary of the sermon in English and then a 7 minute sermon in Kosraean. One more song and some information and blessing. It was finished around 11 where many left. Sunday school followed where adults continued in the church, juniors in the other building (we heard them singing, and that was very beautiful and everybody joined). There was also a building with the smallest. The people were friendly, but reserved; several said thank you for visiting. The service was not very participating – you did not have to stand, sing or else participate, so it seemed like it had not changed much for many years.
The teachers had told us that the gossip of last week’s service had been that a female tourist had been there wearing JEANS!
It was HOT today and the humidity was over 100% it felt. When we got back, we went inside and relaxed, had lunch, watched Karate Kid II (Anders still thinks he sees Mr. Miyaki everytime a Japanese passed by – usually addressing them).
Just before sunset, Anders and I did the crime of taking a swim – (Danish: vi kaldte det en snuppert – mix af at vi var nogle slupperter der snuppede en dukkert). We did it behind some trees though, so I don’t think too many got offended. Dinner tonight was at the nearby Nautilus resort.

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