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October 13th 2012
Published: October 13th 2012
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My hotel is filled with divers who all eat breakfast together and talk very loudly to eachother.

They're going out to les isles du Levant or something.

Breakfast done, teeth brushed, I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

The concierge is not at his desk, I wander around a bit a shout and he's very gone God know's where.

I wrap my hardearned but well spent euros around my key and leave it on his desk and leave the med to it's own devices.

A no so very smart idea is to follow the coast all the way to Nice a very nice idea but it so turns out that just about everyone and their uncles have the same idea.

Here the BMW comes handy, lane splitting is fun especially when you pass a couple of hundred cars.

There are som pucker moments when the gap between oncoming cars and my steely ride could be larger.

The views are good though but in the end I have enough and seek the open roads inland.

Short of Cannes I take a left and go towards Grasse.

Grasse is the home of perfume in Fance and that can certainly be felt when passing through.

I didn't stop because my tastebuds wanted another go at the duck in Barcelonnette and who am I to deny my trusted tastebuds a nice dinner?

After having had a very big baguette with cheese and salad as I perused my map I decided on Col de Labouret as my entrance to Barcelonnette.

Splendid sandwich splendid roads lovely views and the I was home.

The beer that I wanted with my sandwich but didn't have I had it now and if one is nice, two must be twice as nice.

I moved my chair further out into the square to catch the last rays of the setting sun.

The duck was nice, the waitress at the winebar told me they had Mexican wine not half bad.

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