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Oceania » Kiribati » Tarawa August 28th 2023

Kiribati, some will say it is difficult to find a more remote place on the planet, but most will simply never have heard about this place! Yes, this is an independent state, member of the United Nations since 1999! 117,000 inhabitants, with around 63,000 of them living on South Tarawa where I'm spending 3 nights/4 days. To get here, most will come via the 3 hours flight, twice per week from Nadi in Fiji. You also have the Air Nauru shuttle doing Brisbane-Naura-Tarawa-Majuro-Pohnpei on Thursday and back on Friday. Air Nauru also just started a once a week Naura-Tarawa-Kirimati. The inhabitants of Kiribati used to have to go via Fiji if they wanted to do the domestic travel from Tarawa to Kirimati! Not anymore, but the flight is a whooping 4 hours. Imagine, this is nearly ... read more
Good morning South Tarawa...
Lion fish on the tank...
Dreamers homestay...

Oceania » Kiribati » Tabuaeran November 12th 2017

We spent a pleasant day in Bora Bora again taking advantage of all the water has to offer. It seems that $5 is the going rate to get to a beach on these islands. We like being there on the weekends because that is when the Tahitian families come to the beach. Mostly they just spend the day in the water playing with their kids and chatting with their neighbors. It is a most pleasant way to pass the day. One of the staff was swimming in the lagoon when a dog came by and stole her sarong. Fortunately, a local guy caught the dog and returned her cover-up. I think it wasn't the first sarong that mutt had swiped. After leaving Bora Bora we began our trip north. On the way we crossed the equator ... read more

Oceania » Kiribati October 13th 2012

My hotel is filled with divers who all eat breakfast together and talk very loudly to eachother. They're going out to les isles du Levant or something. Breakfast done, teeth brushed, I'll leave the rest to your imagination. The concierge is not at his desk, I wander around a bit a shout and he's very gone God know's where. I wrap my hardearned but well spent euros around my key and leave it on his desk and leave the med to it's own devices. A no so very smart idea is to follow the coast all the way to Nice a very nice idea but it so turns out that just about everyone and their uncles have the same idea. Here the BMW comes handy, lane splitting is fun especially when you pass a couple of ... read more
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Oceania » Kiribati April 16th 2012

We made the most of our last day in New Zealand. Right next to our hotel is the Antarctic Adventure Museum. Cool place. Worth checking out and right next to Christchurch Airport. We watched the penguins swim and get their lunch of live fish. Then had just enough time to be a part of an Antarctic storm in the Snow and Ice Experience exhibit. We put on these big heavy parka's and entered this room filled with snow and an ice slide. The room darkens, the wind starts to blow and the temperature lowers to about 10 degrees F. Pretty cool way to spend some time prior to getting on our flight to Auckland. Our itinerary took us with Air New Zealand from Christchurch to Auckland with a point of entry to the U.S. in San ... read more

Oceania » Kiribati » Kiritimati January 4th 2012

Rotting on the Beach with Spot the dog. With the constant sound of the trade winds rustling through the palm leaves I didn’t hear the dog walk up behind me. I don't know how long he had been there. I only noticed him when he leaned against my leg. His warm brown fur tickled my leg as he slowly sank to the sand…sound asleep. I knew how he felt. There is seductiveness to the South Pacific Islands that fills the senses with color and softness and fragrance and an overwhelming desire to linger. We had come ashore at Christmas Island (South of Hawaii, part of the Republic of Kiribati) filled with plans for exploring, snorkeling and photography. What we found was a reef fringed atoll surrounded by intense azure water and an ancient island ... read more
Island kitchen
Still there
Scrabble players

Oceania » Kiribati December 14th 2011

After a nearly 400 mile sea journey, we arrived at Palmyra Atoll, roughly 1100 miles south of the Hawaiian Islands. Palmyra is a US territory, a US Wildlife Refuge and national monument. Partly owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy, its an amazing low lying volcanic Atoll, home to hundreds of thousands of pelagic birds, and covered by dense jungle and Coconut palms. Palmyra is really a group of smaller islands, and was nearly cleared of trees during WW2 to facilitate use as a military base, a project that dramaticaly altered the atolls ecology and landscape. 70 years later, nature is coming back in force, but many old war relics such as gun turrets, bunkers and ammo magazines can be found all over the atoll, mostly covered in thick jungle growth, giving the island a weird ... read more
map of palmyra
lagoon trip

Oceania » Kiribati » Kiritimati December 12th 2011

(Just about caught up on my blog!) anyway.... So in December 2011, I and my 4 future co-workers arrived on Christmas Island (Kiritimati, but pronounced Kiritsmasts) in the Republic of Kiribati (but pronounced Kiri-bas) Confused? I was --so easier just to say Christmas Island! Even many locals call it that. Its a unique Atoll, very dry and almost savana like interior, except for many miles of lagoon and shallows on the perimeter-and many miles of deserted and often very rugged beaches-this is not the idealic 'south seas' island people would imagine. Not to say it isnt pretty-it has its gems, far off the yachtie and cruise circuit-this is truly a place to escape. The 'capitol' is the tiny dusty town of London, the only other town is Poland, 2 hours down the road. Used for atomic ... read more
out the window
the wednesday plane
the one and only -Cpt Cooks

Oceania » Kiribati December 6th 2011

6.11.2011 Off to Taupo today pronounced 'toe-paw', where I had planned to do a sky dive! We stopped off at some bubbling mud pit and a red wood forewst for a walk on the way. After a long think Sophie decidede to join me at doing a skydive. I think she didn't want me doing it on my own and missing out. The weather was on and off so we had to waot around for a couple of hours till it cleared, which built up the suspense a little. Sophie was nervous and she wasn't hiding it. Half way through watching a film and we got the call to get our jumpsuits on and get ready. We were fitted with our harnesses, goggles and helmets by our instructers, and the people we were jumping tandem with. ... read more

Oceania » Kiribati » Kiritimati September 14th 2011

The descent into Christmas Island was beautiful. The island was very pristine, with hardly any development. Paradise for naturalists. Very flat islands, not much higher than sea level. The plane was only to be grounded for an hour, with no one getting off except for those who were staying here. I've had hardly any sleep. It was difficult on board the plane, but I tried to basically keep my eyes closed for the longest time possible. It was better than nothing. It was soon after that we crossed the date line on the way to Hawaii, and thus, crossing back into the previous day; from the 14th to the 13th of September.... read more

Oceania » Kiribati » Kiritimati January 17th 2011

Before leaving, certainly in Australia at least, if I mentioned to someone I was going to Christmas Island, the inevitable responses revolved around asylum seekers. Eventually I had my stock standard repost down pat: "Mate, if we manage to spot any Tamils, Afghans, Iraqis or any other boat people for that matter, on the Christmas Island I'm visiting, then they've boarded a boat that's overshot the mark by about 10,000 klms. Pull out an atlas and you'll find that Christmas Island Part 2 is one dot in the mighty nation of Kiribati, smack bang in the middle of the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Then again, even sprouting the word Kiribati would usually lead to some puzzled looks, maybe because they had never heard of it, had no idea where it was or perhaps more realistically they ... read more
Torpedos from the beach

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