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December 27th 2011
Published: December 31st 2011
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Let's go discover Fiji. Our last stop was slightly luxurious and pretty relaxing, but that was nothing to do with Fiji. So on the 25th, and for three days, we went around Fiji. Our first move was a taxi ride to Nadi to pick up the bus to Suva. With so many bags, the best bet was to take a proper bus for the 3 hours and half ride to the capital city of Suva.

On the way we had only two stops, and the first was at the Shangri-La resort. What was not my surprise to see "Santa Claus" boarding the bus in shorts and T-shirt. After all, we were on the 25th December afternoon, and Santa has done his job for Fiji. Yes, Santa is reaching Fiji. Leslie had a big smile on his face...and Tiffany, not really sure, was completly out of this world. Santa entertained everybody on the road to Suva....do you know he is actually pretty good at card tricks?

The best part must have been once we dropped him in Suva. He picked up a huge pack from his bag to give candies to the kids, and Tiffany went on...I guess he is going back to the airport to take a plane to the North Pole. Who said there cannot be magical moments for children in Fiji. I can tell you, Santa enjoyed the company!

So we are now in Fiji...staying in the Grande Dame hotel of the capital, I name the Holiday Inn...this hotel, I think, hasn't moved since the middle of the last century. There is not much to see in Suva...and I'm nice. People are still impressive nice here too. I didn't tell you, but one of the best part of Fiji are definetly the Fijians....these people are impressive...they even greet you hello in the street, for no other reason than wishing you a good day...nice!

The most funny part of the 25th December (after Santa Claus encounter) must have been the hunt to find some food for dinner. We had not much chance and had no intention to eat in the hotel. The all town was closed. The only place we found open was the Mc Donalds....and we were not alone to try to find food, the place was packed...boring and not really good food for our 25th evening!

Mari and I spent some more time playing golf, this time at the Fiji Golf Club in Suva. Cheap and basic course, but playing on the 26th December which was a public holiday, it was nice to see how the nomenclatura of Fiji is spending their free time.

26th and 27th December were public holidays as in most countries in the world, but we did manage to get a proper indian dinner on the 26th December. Fiji has a population of around 800,000 people, and around half of the population is of Indian origin brought here by the British Empire, so it was not that difficult to find great Indian food.

Next morning it was already time to head away from Suva. Our next stop, Taveuni, the Garden Island North-East of Suva. The original plan was to try to get on the 17 hours ferry to Taveuni....there are actually two of them....fun ride, not specially comfortable one. Slight problem, we are in Fiji, and here, you cannot rely on a ferry or plane schedule. The end of the Year schedule for the ferries came just a week ago, and it was not good for us. So we went to plan B, and a Twin Otter flight to Taveuni on Air Pacific. At check-in they announced us at least two hours delay due to technical issues with the plane. We ended taking of on time...that was another interesting moment!

We are currently spending 8 nights next to Taveuni, actually on the island of Vanua Levu right on the Somosomo Straight. You remember Cousteau and his White Wall of Corals....well, coming soon!!!

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31st December 2011
Funny bus!

That bus is positively luxurious compared to some of the buses we have been on in Asia...makes us a little jealous that it's in such good condition ;). Seems like you are enjoying your Christmas away - love the Santa encounter...what a nice man! Enjoy your diving and we are disappointed for you that you ended up eating McDonalds on Christmas day! Stay safe and have fun x

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