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December 7th 2007
Published: December 7th 2007
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Robinson crusoe day 2Robinson crusoe day 2Robinson crusoe day 2

A Hidden deadly seasnake in the mangroves on Robinson Crusoe

Fiji, Robinson Crusoe, Day 2

For a lot of the people who had been on the island for a good few days it was there last night and yep it was pretty mental and a pretty late one. Heavy consumption of kava took place. In light of this prob not feeling the most alert i ever have. Good job im not driving into work lol!

Went on an island adventure today to catch fish and crabs. Believe it or not Ziggy actually got a fish with his spear from about 10 yards - i didnt even see the fish. We were in the mangroves all mooching around in the water and along the branches looking for crabs when 1 of the guys told me to come over as theyve found a snake. im like you F'g what??!! theres snakes! Yes thats right and sea snakes. (Highly Venomous!) So ive been told that If they bite you basically you can be dead in 5 minutes and there is no anti venom on the island. i was really freaked out cos i really wish someone had shared this with me and the other guys felt exactly the same. Ziggy then caught
Robinson Crusoe day 2Robinson Crusoe day 2Robinson Crusoe day 2

Crazy Zigger. Decided to catch the Seasnake and wanted us (inc me) to put it around my neck.....No thanks!!!!
the snake, picked it up and put it around his neck...crazy sod! he wanted us to do the same but we respectively told him to F off! We later discovered yes they are deadly but they are very dosile and highly unlikely to bite you even if you stand on one. Still id rather not give it the chance lol.

We later killed all the crabs we caught by inserting a small spike between there mail claw and first leg into there body. Then cooked / steamed them, cracked them open, chucked the bits and pieces out we didnt want and ate all that lovely meat with a chilli dressing..lovely!

Every night all the new arrivals are welcomed by having a Kava Ceremony where we all drink lots of kava, introduce each other and basically have a laugh then enjoy a few beers (the beers are not part of the fijian tradition)

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Robinson Crusoe day2Robinson Crusoe day2
Robinson Crusoe day2

Eating the crabs we had early caught and cooked. With a bit of chilli dressing mmmmmmm lovely!!
Robinson Crusoe day 2Robinson Crusoe day 2
Robinson Crusoe day 2

Time for my daily work out!
Robinson Crusoe day 2Robinson Crusoe day 2
Robinson Crusoe day 2

Robinson Crusoe Island

7th January 2008

Karl Glad your enjoyiing yourself over there...what about us lads over here ? Get some pictures up of some fit birds...

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