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December 7th 2007
Published: December 7th 2007
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Robinson CrusoeRobinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe

At my first Cava Ceremony and first night on the Robinson Crusoe island

Fiji, Robinson Crusoe day1

Got picked up 11...ish from hotel. looking forward to having a bit of a more lively time.

Arrived at the marina on the SW of the main island midday...ish. Just before we set off had chance to call off at Supermarket to top up on Alcohol. must be discrete though as not allowed to take own alcohol on the island got big bottle of bounty rum and 3 bottle of coke. Had to drink half of the coke so i could mix the drink with rum before we got on the island. So had to drink about 1ltr of coke in 5 mins before got on boat. Very bloated and lots of gas.. The marina was more of a half calapsed wooden jetty and the boat was not a state yaucht. But more like a boat you see going down a river in vietnam. Anyway off we went and soon we arrived.

island quite small approx 25 acres. Really Really nice but not quite the paradise island i imagined. I had been told the robinson crusoe island wasnt one of the nicest but you have so much fun there. We got the usual fijian
Robinson CrusoeRobinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe

My First cup of many many of Kava. Fijian traditional drink. mild Narcotic
welcomed - all the staff of the isalnd and the current islanders (tourists) all singing and clapping to guitar music of a fijian welcoming song. Very cool!

Straight away i noticed how relaxed the atmosphere was and how fun orientated the whole resort was. Everyone just smiling, laughing, takin the mickey out of each other. the island wasa really really really basic. But thats what i wanted.

Again on 'checkin', soon as i said my name "Karl Dean" (Carldin) the whole Mimi and Luisa started all over again! It was all good fun.

Had lunch with the rest of the islanders who had been there for some time. All really nice friendly people and lunch pretty good.

Beach football after lunch (Fiji Vs rest of world). Was very close game i think. Cant remember who won as it got all crazy and dis-organised but in the end we had invented our own game. kind of a cross between football, american football, wrestling and rugby. Was really good fun.

It was amazing how quickly me and the other newcomers were made to feel really comfortable and relaxed and part of the group.

That evening I
Robinson CrusoeRobinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe

The chill out area of the World famous pirates nightclub on Robinson Crusoe. This is where the people who have had too much Kava go. Ill soon join them!
put on my polynesian / hawain red shirt for my 1st Kava ceremony (fijian tradition). Had my first sample of Kava - its a mild narcotic (drug) looks like dirty puddle water and it taste worse but if you have at least 6 cups of vintage Kava (strong stuff) you feel really good and stoned lol. That night had a disco and for a change got leathered and partied the night away until the early hours.


8th December 2007

hey man good to see you are still wearing that great shirt. how are things when you heading to aus?
13th December 2007

reply to Craig
Heading off to Sydney on the 20th Dec. Staying with some canadian girls i met in Maui at there appartment on bondi. Xmas and Newyear is going to be totally mental. Hows things over in Canada - been sacked again yet? Where exactly are you now?

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