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February 10th 2015
Published: February 10th 2015
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Bula, ok, this is the last time I say this, we're leaving tomorrow, very sad, had a great time here, which is down to the people. The Fijians are very friendly and genuine, they give off happy vibes, very refreshing. Stu and I said we are going to be like that all the time when we come home and at work !!!

This morning, we thought we would get a double kayak, so I sat in the back, Stu said 'don't think I'm doing all the paddling', we hadn't even got started, anyhow paddle paddle paddle, hard work or what, I said ' can't we just drift for a bit', but I think he thinks he's still in the navy and it was just endless paddling, flipping heck, needed a rest after that. We then went out snorkelling, I saw 3 blue star fishes, couldn't believe it, we had never seen anything like it, they were the colour of royal blue. Saw loads of different colour fishes, this was on the beach where our bungelow was. It was very hot and humid today, we came out of the sea and some of the gardeners were cutting down a couple of Palm trees. I asked them why, because they looked ok to me. The man said that when the lightening hits the trees they die and pointed out right at the top. Seemed a big job getting these trees down. Health and safety seemed a bit lapsed, one of the trees fell onto the sand but a guy didn't go and check the beach til after the tree crashed down. Still they seemed to know what they were doing. We found it very interesting watching them, there were about 6 - 8 of them, they seemed to string the whole procedure out all day, they had a lot of breaks and lots of talking about the palms trees, lots of pointing and looking up and then another break. Seemed to be a neat little job there !!

This afternoon, we had a very bad storm, lightening, thunder and pouring with rain, mind you still hot, but it has cleared the air at least, I went off to have my last massage, had 4 this week, thank you Mr Groupon !!

So Fiji, goodbye, maybe see you again, who knows, but planning next adventure. Flying back to Melbourne tomorrow.

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11th February 2015

Great trip.
This all sounds great. I have'nt once yet, hear you say, Shuttt uppp Stu!!! he must be behaving himself.

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