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February 5th 2015
Published: February 5th 2015
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Bula everyone, well had a very relaxing day today, we went down to the beach, which is just outside our bungalow and we appeared to be the only one's on there, so we got our lily white bodies out and blended well into the sand !! You couldn't see us !! It rains here first thing in the morning and then late afternoon, but it's nice, cools it down but is very humid here. The hair is just stuck to my head constantly, but don't care and not even attempting to put make up on as that will be running, but again don't care !! The water is like a warm bath with lots of coral, fish and star fishes in it.

Stu decides that he is going to walk to the shop, he has already been told by the staff to get a taxi as it was too hot, but said he doesn't want to cough up the taxi fare and could do with the exercise !! Good luck, I said, because I'm not joining you, I have now got lily white body to a sun bed!! and that's where I'm staying. So off he goes, I said, 'see ya'.

After an hour and a half later, he appears back, looked exhausted, sweating, had a bright red back and was carrying a crate of beer (24 cans) and a bottle of wine. The shop was about 2 - 3 miles away. He went on, saying how hot it was and he was knackered but said he went through a village and the little kids were shouting Bula to him and asking him for chocolate and then were chasing the chickens around. He said the fijians kept stopping and said they would get him a taxi, but he said no he wanted to walk, they were laughing at him and said he was doing it 'in Fijian style ' cos he was carrying his shopping.

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5th February 2015

Fantastic pics and blog. Looks like paradise there. Enjoy every minute. Got to get back to work now (remember what that is?)
5th February 2015

Fantastic pictures. Especially of Stu guarding his crate of beer! What a fantastic place. I can see you're having a fab time. Xx
6th February 2015

Thanks for amusing us with your tales,what is Stu like???? Can we have some pictures of food? Love Dolly.x

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