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December 8th 2012
Published: December 8th 2012
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A delayed hello! I apologize in advance that there are no photos in this 😞 I am not traveling with a computer and have been using friends laptops for photo uploads. The next post will be when I get home and I'll be sure to toss up a few more to make up for it!

Since the past update I've been in the wilderness in and around Goulburn, seen the Australian capital, eaten Kangaroo, and visited with friends on cruise ships in Sydney where I now am. In Goulburn I stayed with a friend from the Independence. So it had been a while and was nice to see another friendly face. I had planned on taking the train there from Sydney but upon reaching the station I found out that the train had been cancelled and replaced by a bus instead. This wasn't an issue but I don't know where to get the bus from. So I asked somebody and got this reply "GOULBURN!? Why the hell are you going there? if I was dictator of this country I reckon i'd build a fence 30 clicks 'round Goulburn and toss all them criminals and miscreants there." When I finally did get on the bus it ended up breaking down half way through our journey. But I did make it to Goulburn eventually! We spent 4 days checking out national parks, having BBQ's, taking it easy, swimming in local holes, and having a generally laid back time. Which is exactly what vacation is for!

Now Sydney has been pretty nice, and actually feels like a big city for once. Which is odd because Brisbane and Melbourne are both 2+ million person cities and feel rather small. But today I walked in the downtown core in the same direction for 1.5 hours and didn't ever leave the dense core. I spent the first couple nights with a friend who was joining a ship today and it was a good time although short. But yesterday one of my classmates an good friends was on a different ship and we got to hang out for a few hours and have an overall fantastic time.

Today I checked out the inner harbour, opera house, the zoo, and the Sydney harbour bridge. Tomorrow I'm going to do almost nothing while I sit on Bondi beach in preparation for leaving Australia for Fiji the day after


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