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February 1st 2010
Published: February 6th 2010
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Well, a month spent in Australia and we only managed to see a tiny proportion of this wonderfully beautiful country. Sadly, as our last destination, money ran out and we had to hot foot it down the east coast. We made the most of it and enjoyed every minute of it!

We spent a grueling total of 59 hours on buses here and traveled 3,635km's. In a month, that's quite a lot!

Now for the rundown of places we've stayed, areas we've visited and what we loved (and hated) about Australia:

Best: The laid-backness of a large small town.
Worst: Not having a beach to use
Rating: 8/10

Airlie Beach:
Best: Whitsunday Islands
Worst: Way too many backpackers & Magnum's Backpacker Resort
Rating: 3/10

Hervey Bay:
Best: Fraser Island
Worst: Not a huge amount of choice in places to eat
Rating: 6/10

Best: The shopping!
Worst: Fortitude Valley (it was full of absolute weirdo's!)
Rating: 5/10

Surfer's Paradise:
Best: The whole beach resort vibe
Worst: Getting there took some time!
Rating: 6/10

Byron Bay:
Best: The beach, complete with all the bluebottles, made great entertainment!
Worst: The bluebottles also meant we avoided the sea!
Rating: 7/10

Best: Sydney Harbour area and the Fish Market
Worst: As a city it's slightly grey.
Rating: 6/10

Bondi Beach:
Best: The beach (obviously!)
Worst: A lack of nightlife
Rating: 5/10

Manly Beach:
Best: The beach and the sea!
Worst: Not spending enough time here!
Rating: 8/10

Best: Transport and the fact it's such a modern city
Worst: Again, not having enough time here.
Rating: 6/10

Port Campbell:
Best: Picturesque little town with very friendly people
Worst: Not much else to do here.
Rating: 7/10

Best: The scenery, the weather (when it's not raining!), the amount of things to do.
Worst: The cost of living, the drunken aboringines (we regret not being able to meet some rural one's), Magnum's Backpacker's.
Rating: 67/110


Hotel / Guesthouse / Fleapit:
Best: JJ's Backpacker's (Cairns)/ Port Bayou B&B (Port Campbell)
Worst: Magnum's Backpacker's (Airlie Beach)

Best: Cairns
Worst: Airlie Beach

Place to Eat:
Best: Buckin' Bull (Cairns)
Worst: Shanghai Village (Melbourne)

Best: Steak!
Worst: KFC (it's not a dish but it's not so great here!)

Best: Flying over Fraser Island in a light aircraft piloted by Tiger Woods
Worst: Being verbally abused by drunken aborigines

Best: The Great Ocean Road
Worst: Overnight from Airlie Beach to Hervey Bay

Best: Manly Beach
Worst: n/a...all the beaches we went to can't really be entered here as they were all good!

Best: Port Campbell
Worst: Airlie Beach

Best: The beauty
Worst: The cost


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