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February 2nd 2010
Published: February 6th 2010
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The Banana Pancake Adventure

06 June 2009 - 05 February 2010

Well folks, after an 8-month jaunt from Thailand to Australia we finally come to the end of the road. Here we are now back in England, missing shorts, T-shirts and what the Aussie's call thongs. The time has gone fast and in that time we have a had an amazing time, from spending time in the jungle's of Northern Thailand to frolicking on the beautiful islands in the south, from the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur (not twice, but three times!!) to the idyllic and lazy beaches of the Perhentian's, experiencing the so-called "Vomit Route" of the Trans-Sumatran Highway to the beauty of the open seas on a schooner and finally from the tropical north of Australia to a more milder (at times) climate in the's been an experience of a life time...and we want more!!

We have travelled a total distance (not including our flights to and from the UK) of 17,332 km's, spending sometimes too long on buses (205 1/2 hours!), way too long on boats (67 1/2 hours), clickety clacking for hours on end on trains (71 1/2 hours) and of course our 6 hour round trip on the back of a truck!!

What was our best moment you ask? Well the answer, sitting here in the cold, would be every moment was the best moment....including the 18 hour bus trip from hell in Sumatra!! It just wouldn't be fair to have a worst bit! The same goes for places we've visited. Every different country, province and city have been different, with both good points and bad points. It was all an experience to take back with us in the positive way.

Some people have asked why "The Banana Pancake Adventure". Well, it's simple. The route we took is a well known backpacker route, and everywhere you go here, and every hotel / hostel / guesthouse / fleapit in the region has banana pancakes for breakfast. And even though we've given you a load of statistics we haven't been able to keep track of all the banana pancakes we've eaten!! Some were good, some were amazing, whilst other you couldn't really call a banana pancake but it's fair to say that we're experts in the art of the banana pancake.

So from Thailand to Australia we've encountered all we hoped to find and more...yet we still have alot more to explore. Hopefully one day we'll do it again...and hopefully one day soon. Because we have now officially caught the travelling bug!

We would like to thank all the countries that have allowed us to enter (yes, including Singapore!), and all the places we've stayed, and all the banana pancake cooks, and all the interesting people we've met and the people we had the opportunity to travel with. Most of all we want to thank the 24 people on our subscribers list and all the people that have randomly checked our blog even if they didn't actually read anything (we had over 300 so far checking out our Pattaya blog!...I wonder why???).

So, as the guys back at Disney say....that's all folks!!

Amy & Dan...over and out


7th February 2010

It's been a pleasure reading, saw you had fun! I'll let you know if I swing by England again!
8th February 2010

Loved following your blog. I relived my trips to south east asia & Aus through you guys. Thanks for the informative posts and great pictures !!! Heres to next time !!

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