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Familiar Tones 24/04/2015 Firstly may I thank our readers and the Travel blog administrators for the fantastic words of encouragement, that we have received on our 800th Blog, all of them are special and appreciated, one that tickled me was from a fellow blogger who said there have been times when she was so tired that she fell asleep over the keyboard and wondered why she was bothering to punish herself, and wasn’t even sure if anyone was actually reading the material that she was writing but it only took a couple of positive messages on their blog site to realise that people actually where reading it and it spurred you on to keep going. Well “JD” we sometimes feel the same and thank you for your detailed “as ever” messages of support and its people ... read more
Familiar Tones
Familiar Tones
Familiar Tones

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Regans Ford July 23rd 2007

After our little scare in the sand at Two Rocks we figured it would probably be best if we were to get some training on how to use our big Jessie bus. The first day of the training was bush terrain, when we arrived all the others were there waiting in their shiny new, some straight off the production line 4 wheel drive vehicles and I’m sure they were laughing at us. That just made me more determined to show them up, it’s not what you got but what you can do with it. Our instructor gave us all a quick this is how your car works explaining a few grey areas we had. When we came to the first obstacle, we were to be driving through this big puddle, and up this silly steep hill, ... read more
oops 2

After accepting the tractor driving job. Drummond had arranged a meeting with a friend of his (Dellis) who runs a bush stay in Regans Ford about 40km from the olive farm, as we didn’t have to meet Dellis for another eight hours we had some time to kill and it was only about an hours drive north. We figured that there was Yanchep national park and a few little towns along the way, so we should pop in to see what they had to offer. Yanchep national park was really nice with Crystal cave, which used to have an under ground river running through it but due to environmental changes, the drought and increased demand for water in the Perth area no-longer runs through the cave but runs deeper underground. However all the stalagmites and stalactites ... read more
The Crystal caves
Me on a folklift

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Regans Ford April 25th 2007

An unfortunate but predictable eventuality. I needed to earn some cash as nibbling into my savings would not last for long and so with a heavy heart we were off to Perth, to register with every job agency we could find. Alas there seemed to be no work for us rubbish! After a few days of hunting and “we’ll call you.” we did receive a phone call from one company they had a job for one of us the next day making industrial racking as it was described as more of a mans job (GRR) by the agency it was off to work for me. Working for Dexion was pretty easy just like playing with an over sized mechano set. While I worked Zoe was left unemployed, until eventually she found work in telesales…. Sold her ... read more
This is what i wanted to do
Zoe and I

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