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January 9th 2016
Published: January 9th 2016
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Our hearts go out to the people in Yarloop and Waroona, townships south of Perth who are at the hands of mother nature due as a massive fire that has ripped through their towns

At present 121 homes have been destroyed and 68,000 hectares of land has been burnt, which is 80mtimes the size of Perth

The fire front as of last night was 200 kilometres long and is being fort by many amazing men and women who are trying to contain this monster, these are the worst fires Perth has seen or 50 years.

We are right in the middle of summer and the W.A ground is tinder dry and this fire was ignited by lightning

As a precaution we have hitched Jack and Roobie together and put a grab back together if we need to leave and have a simple plan to go at a moment’s notice, so as long as our head count is Caroline and I, two dogs, the two horses let loose and all the birds the same we will leave the rest to take its course.

We are in a bush location, I just want to reiterate that the fire is about 60 K's away and we are safe.

I’m sure in the forth coming months we will all be able to offer our assistance to these communities, one thing Australians do really well is step up to the plate and help each other out, in these tough times.

Caroline has just reminded me the fire has been burning for 3 days and as I type this its 8.16 (am) and the temperature is 28 degree's

Don’t be concerned we are only recording our amazing life down under



9th January 2016

Keep safe whatever you do. Living as we do on the East coast next to the bush, bushfires are a fear at this time each year. This year the East has been wet while the South and West burn. Living in Oz is a lottery for bushfires...requiring safety first if it comes to be your turn. Thinking of Cindy and you guys at this time. Keep us posted.
9th January 2016

The best firefighters in the world ...
Thank heavens we have them ... Have been watching your temperatures since before Christmas and the extreme weather conditions you have been having whilst we have been having a much milder Christmas/New Year season on this side and then the Big Wet. Tragic times for the people of Yarloop and Waroona and surrounding areas but thankfully, are in the best possible hands to help fight the foe. Like the Phoenix, the towns will rise again from the flames and, many will start over again - that's the Aussie spirit. Take care you guys and be ready to go if necessary. J xxx
9th January 2016

Our finest moments are in our darkest days - Aussie spirit
Thanks Caroline and Andy for this blog. As terrible as the fires are - I got stuck last night helping out in the Armadale one - these are the times when the Aussie spirit really shines. When the flames are out the war baby will do his thing again and help the people of Yarloop. As a community Western Australians make me so proud in times like this - glad to see you guys had contingency plans in place. I learnt one thing from the Roleystone fires, minutes and seconds can make the difference between life and death. Hoping like hell today gives us no lightning and a break in the weather - there will be something all of us can do in the coming days and weeks to help - happy to take a road trip with you guys when the roads open again down there to pitch in. Its what we do best :)
9th January 2016

Dark Days and Fine Moments
Hi Littlewing, thanks for your lovely message, I saw your offer to help out last night, even though we were not close to that particular fire, we are currently located near an area where fire broke out before Christmas, we are on a 5 acre bush property with 2 horses, dogs and birds. We will put together some basic necessity packs for male and female and take them to the drop off centre that you recommended, it is the least we can do at this stage. I think your idea to take a road trip when the time is right to go and help out sounds like a great plan, let's see what we can do and maybe we can get a few from our 4wd club to come too, some of them have been down to Grass Patch to help with Blaze Aid. Take care out there Cindy and hope to catch up soon. KJ. P.s. Dancing Dave mentioned you in one of the comments if you have not already seen it.
9th January 2016

Be Safe
You seem to be well prepared in case you need to get out quickly. Here's hoping that you stay safe and don't need to evacuate. You know I love your adventure down under. There is an Australian company here and we are hoping to get tickets to their Australia Day celebration. Time for me to wear my Akubra and Aussie T-shirt. Maybe take along my didg that I can't play.

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