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February 5th 2013
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I've celebrated Christmas with the fair amount of 9 Italians. Which obviously included a lot of non Catholic expressions amongst them with no remorse.

We drove down to an almost deserted beach south of Mandurah and stayed at this beach. The boys made a fire to prep some food for lunch and dinner, there was some fishing in the sunset and a lot of smoking and drinking around me. The actual night of sleep cold and harsh instead of cool and awesome. I will make it come across anyways as if it was an awesome experience, just for the sake of it.
After a early rise and shine we took off more south to Dunsborough, a known place for locals. Just to drive down to for a long weekend of relaxing on beautiful beaches. As most of those beaches this one also has (gas)barbecues for everyone who pleases to use for free. This is how we got twice a fantastic meal with even more fantastic views. Be careful what you wish for😊
After some fishing attempts by the boys, finding some gorgeous coloured dead starfish and a fairy like sunset we said good bye to all this to drive back towards Perth. To stay awake we had some interesting full on discussions about world issues.

My other trip was together with a Dutchie who loves helmets, I will not explain that further here. She has a fantastic overweight unemployed drinking and smoking roommate who was willing to lend us her car. She was afraid to drive on the wrong side of the road so I had permission to complete this task. Tick, another first. This went pretty well if you leave out turning on the window wipers instead of the indicator over and over again. So off we went to Rockingham, known for its Penguin Island and seal island. It was a cool and relaxed trip, a beautiful day, nice islands and we have seen all kinds of animals. Including the ones where the islands are named after. But it is not a place where you definitely need to go to. Anyhoo, the day was cool. In general I just melt when I see animal, fuzzy creatures and massive birds. Thus I can tick this happily off my list. The driving on the wrong side of the road on the other hand is still 'retarded'.

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12th August 2013

beautiful pics!!
By the look of it, it does seem like an amazing trip!

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