Bush life: a step-by-step guide to washing up while bush camping, using only a few drops pf water and producing very little garbage!

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March 28th 2013
Published: April 1st 2013
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A great serving of greasy goodness
1 – Make a delicious meal (for illustrative purposes we have made an extra greasy eggs and bacon breakfast as an example – this may or may not be related to the fact that this is Øyvind's breakfast every day)

2 – Enjoy your (greasy/sticky/saucy/messy) meal – do not refrain from licking plates/bowls/cuttlery – this shows the cook you enjoyed it AND saves on washing!

3 – Use a paper towel to dry off grease/condensed milk/sauce/leftover bits from everything you wish to wash (try to turn and use every corner of the paper towel, if you do so you will very rarely need more than two sheets (yes, even with that greasy mess!)

4 – “Wash” everything with wet wipes (we use the supercheap ones from Coles, which are a bit rough and as such make excellent replacements for a sponge). Try to do everything in steps so you use the “dirtyest” wet wipe first on everything and then progressively end up just smearing around wet wipe soap (yes, it smells like babies).

5 – Take out your trusty dish towel (no microfibre stuff please, just cotton), and wet
The problemThe problemThe problem

A lot of dirty dishes, and not to much water
one end of it with about 2-3 tablespoons of water. Use this end to wipe everything down, thus removing the “baby smell” film.

6 – Turn your towel to the dry side (if you're in Australia, the whole towel will be dry by now) and wipe everything dry.

7 – Enjoy how clean it all is. Relish in the fact that you still have 70 litres of water to drink, and that, should you get stuck in the desert, you won't be regretting using bowls of it to do your dishes.

8 – Remember to dispose of trash properly (this does NOT include burying it, burning it or throwing it out of windows).

9 – Repeat process as often as needed.

Additional photos below
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Nice, cheap kitchen rollNice, cheap kitchen roll
Nice, cheap kitchen roll

great to clean away almost everything
Great, cheap wet wipesGreat, cheap wet wipes
Great, cheap wet wipes

Also great for almost everything - including doing the dishes with little water and hardly any garbage
A few drops of waterA few drops of water
A few drops of water

and it is literally a few drops. Just the leftovers from the hot water for coffee is used
Wipe it all downWipe it all down
Wipe it all down

Get rid of the soapy leftovers from the wet wipes
And then, use the dry endAnd then, use the dry end
And then, use the dry end

After a go with a wet towel, its time to use the dry end and get rid of the last leftovers

and in no time at all, hardly any water used and hardly any garbage created, our dishes and cooker is shiny and clean from top to bottom. Great job Sadie!

12th April 2013

Very frugal!
Another great blog, very entertaining...keep them coming. Well done! Cheers Sonja
13th April 2013

trying to save money, water and resources :)
thanks guys!
20th April 2013

what an adventure in suriviving without water
love the pics of the no-water dishwashing demo...and papi says (of your adventures...) "It's better than Crocodile Dundee!"

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