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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman December 10th 2018

I’ve developed quite a liking for deserts. When people asked me if there was any particular part of our trip I was looking forward to, ‘the Outback bit’ generally featured high up in the list. Deserts are generally hot, sunny, and empty so what’s not to like? Well, they can also be cold, bleak and empty so there’s that to consider. And then factor in the complete lack of communication in case of emergencies, the hundreds and hundreds of miles we were planning on doing and the bent ignition key in the car that we were still fearful might snap off at any moment and I wondered if perhaps we should have second thoughts but, hey, where’s the fun in that? I looked up the word ‘intrepid’ to see if there was an element of foolhardiness ... read more
Outback storm clouds
Pink storm sky
Me in a scoop, Newman

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman July 13th 2014

We're back! Travelled from Mt Magnet on Monday morning and got to Cue in a couple of hours. At first glance Cue looked like a prosperous little town but once we got out and walked around we discovered that the shops were empty and very neglected. Some buildings have been painted with murals by the school kids. The old government buildings are impressive and they look like they have been made from local rough stone rather than the quarried stone used in Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie. There is a small park dedicated to a veteran from WW1 who was from nearby Day Dawn and was posthumously awarded the VC. One store caught our eye, named by a handwritten poster “Hardly Normal” but it was closed with a post it sticker saying back soon. When we read through ... read more
002 School project
003 Club Hotel Cue
004 Well Named Store

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman March 28th 2013

1 – Make a delicious meal (for illustrative purposes we have made an extra greasy eggs and bacon breakfast as an example – this may or may not be related to the fact that this is Øyvind's breakfast every day) 2 – Enjoy your (greasy/sticky/saucy/messy) meal – do not refrain from licking plates/bowls/cuttlery – this shows the cook you enjoyed it AND saves on washing! 3 – Use a paper towel to dry off grease/condensed milk/sauce/leftover bits from everything you wish to wash (try to turn and use every corner of the paper towel, if you do so you will very rarely need more than two sheets (yes, even with that greasy mess!) 4 – “Wash” everything with wet wipes (we use the supercheap ones from Coles, which are a bit rough and as such make ... read more
The problem
Fryingpan with fat
Nice, cheap kitchen roll

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman March 17th 2012

Once again, we're on alert for a cyclone! And we ran quickly inland from Pt Hedland to Newman.....but Lua followed us! Due to hit Newman early hours Sunday morning. We are going to ride it out in Boris with our rangas and hope for the best. See you on the other side xxxooo... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman November 14th 2009

all these tats are on my right arm ,my hitchiking arm, and each is from a different country... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman August 28th 2009

Wed 25th of August 2009 Newman to Meekatharra ~ 450km Today is a day about very large trucks and philosophy. Hey Australia is a place of contrasts so this seems reasonable. I realize when I awoke at 7:40 am, really late for me, it was because I was in a place of zero noise. I was in a wing of the Newman Hotel dedicated to backpackers, but I guess I was the only one in twenty rooms or so. Never saw another soul. Had the rec. room all to myself with endless supplies of those packets of instant coffee (I crave a good Starbucks) and on TV the Australian version of the Today Show (I crave the US Today Show even though I rarely watch it). I decided to continue to feed my fetish for all ... read more
The Whaleback open cut mine
A close up of the digging

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman August 26th 2009

Tue 25th of August 2009 Man and Machine It is time to say a little more about the motorcycling experience. If you are not into bikes you might want to skip this one. I have been with the bike for a week now and as you motor along in the middle of nowhere you appreciate the continual hum of that engine. This is far from a Zen like experience, which is almost laughable to read these days from a motor cycle maintenance perspective. Prisig worried constantly about tappets, slack in the chain etc. reminds me of my experience with a BSA 650 A10 back in the seventies, where each weekend was dutifully spent replacing the head casket or some such thing. Bikes are very different now and in a week I have convinced myself that BMW’s ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman August 26th 2009

Tue 25th of August 2009 Port Hedland to Newman via Karijini National Park ~ 500km After two nights in Port Hedland, in a way I cannot explain, I felt like I was leaving a place I had been in much longer. Maybe I have this desire to live in places of heavy industry, which would explain the attachment to Sheffield UK, the former steel capital of the UK, where I spent two years. The Great Northern Road to the Auski Roadhouse from Port Hedland was 250km and pretty much the typical arid country for this part of the world. While enjoying a meat pie at the roadhouse (I love Aussie meat pies even though rumor has it that horse sales to the meat packers and the football season, where pies are traditionally devoured, are highly correlated) ... read more
Fortescue Falls
The Hanging Tree
Circular Pool

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman April 30th 2007

We had our one and only sleep-in of the trip on this fine morning. Unfortunately, we had become so accustomed to waking up at the crack of dawn that most people were unable to sleep in. I would have like to have slept longer, but alas, the noise woke me up. We had a slow, relaxing morning of the usual getting up, taking down camp, and eating breakfast. We loaded our stuff into the buck but before we drove away, we headed for one last gorge hike. Not much to say, it was a standard hike, no craziness. We had a nice swim in the pool at the end, which had both waterfalls AND a place to jump off. The flies were HORRIBLE anywhere but in the pool, and since I had lost my sunglasses ... read more
The pool we were heading to
More gooorge

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