Café Latte to Billy Tea.

Published: June 1st 2009
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We just loved the wheels on the infaleable
DAY 205

Well girls, who now do I have on this trip? Caroline a girl into Versace, Jimmy Choo, Radley and the like and, has turned into a girl who now enjoys reading an Australian Four wheel drive magazine, doesn’t mind not showering for a couple of days, and puts up with a less than perfect hair cut (well more or less happy to put up with it anyway).

Our friends described her as a girl that has transformed “from Cafe Latte to Billy Tea.”

We seem to be out of bed early today and sit around talking and discussing what we are going to do today, possibly drive to Cape Leveque and enjoy a bit of the muddy road on the way back out to the bitumen that takes you up to the cape.

I get the kettle on again, but we are all sat relaxing in the already hot morning, time trickles by and the kids, Josh and Kahlia wander off to play with some friends, whilst we try to get motivated. However the morning takes a different turn when Ken spies a familiar Ute with a Kimberley camper in tow. It is Stuart and
Red meets whiteRed meets whiteRed meets white

Where the red dirt meets the white sand
Yvonne who were camped next to us at Palm Grove. They have been up to Cape Leveque and are now on their way back down the cape.

The morning is already starting to scorch, Ken puts his shade cloth up against the awning for further protection from the sun and the heat. Stuart and Yvonne pop round with their mugs and a tea bag each, so we all sit and have another cup of tea.

After a while, we all have our noses in a book a very lazy morning has occurred so our trip up to the Cape has disappeared, but no one is too worried, I think we will end up staying another day and go up to the Cape tomorrow.

A lady and a couple of Kids walk past with a bucket, they have caught a really big crab who’s body is about 10” across, and it keeps raising its claws, trying to grab hold of something. Stuart the New Zealander who seems to be a very experienced fisherman, tells the lady not to pick it up by its back legs as they have the ability and agility to swing around bite, and with the size of claws could easily take the top of a finger off. Stuart explains that a while ago, a crab had got the end of his fishing rod (oo er!) and squashed it flat.

Around 11.00am Caroline, Jodie and ken walk down to the beach for a swim and a cool off, but I seem to be galvanised in to my chair and am unable to move, reading.

After a while they all return, it would seem to be lunchtime, so we have a sandwich and plenty of cold drink to combat this hot day.

Ken and Josh go for a walk, whilst Caroline, Jodie, Kahlia and I are still suffering from chair fever unable to move whilst reading, and having a blow through the Didge. Well Kahlia was mostly playing the didgeridoo and actually doing an excellent job at it.

After a while, Caroline and Jodie decide to take a walk over to have a look at another beach whilst Kahlia has a nana nap and I carry on reading.

The beach on the other side of the lagoon is also pretty amazing, the cove of white sand and turquoise water stretches round to mangroves and rocks on the other side. It is supposed to be lovely down on that side, but it is a long walk. The water is crystal clear and feels marginally warmer than the cove we have already been swimming in, however Jodie goes in for a swim, but I have my camera so I only paddle and then start looking for shells on the beach.

There are only a very few people here so this beach is virtually empty, but we meet Stuart and Yvonne who have been walking up the other side of the beach and in the Mangroves, he reckons there are probably crocodiles in there, the food is in abundance and while food is in abundance they won’t come onto the beach. I can only hope that this is correct.

We wander back to camp, and find Andy missing and Kahlia still practising the didgeridoo; Khalia says Andy is having a shower and a shave. It is hot.

I (Andy) get back from the shower, everyone is lazing around in the hot sun, and they decide to go and have a swim in Middle Lagoon, so we walk the 300 yards, and
Middle LagoonMiddle LagoonMiddle Lagoon

Jodie, Ken Kahlia and Caroline getting in to the warm water of middle lagoon
get straight in to the water.

The temperature is just perfect, I asked Ken what time it was and he said 4.22 just a lovely time to have a swim, a bit of a waste of time for me to have had a shower though, but at least I am in the water.

We arse around in the water for an hour, and eventually get out and walk back, the kettle goes on, and everyone goes and has a shower, except me, I just couldn’t possibly have another, that would be too much.

Darkness descends very quickly up here it seems to go dark in about 5 minutes flat, it’s the Truman’s turn to cook which we are looking forward to, as it is the home made quiche, rice and carbonara, and Ken was cooking a damper in the camp oven with fruit and white and dark chocolate pieces, but the lady comes over who’s kids caught the big crab and takes up the offer we gave her to use our camp oven to cook the crab, and she says that she will be about ½ an hour.

When you cook a crab you should put
Middle LagoonMiddle LagoonMiddle Lagoon

Ken surveys other bathers
the crab in the freezer first, it makes it go sleepy then you can pop the crab straight into your pot of boiling water and cook it for about 20 minutes (depending on size of crab) until pink.

We eat our first course, which was delicious, the lady has returned the cook pot (she washed it) and the damper is on the campfire cooking, we are all excited about this manifestation, and soon it is ready. Ken serves it to us with Custard, Cream, Cocky’s Joy, or Raspberry Sauce and it is excellent, very tasty meal. We think you can eat a little too well with a camp oven and a bit of know how.

We listen to a little bit of music and relax for the remainder of the evening, it has been a long day busily doing as little as possible and we are all exhausted, so hit our respective beds about 9.30.

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The GirlsThe Girls
The Girls

Walking back from their swin in Middle Lagoon

Hot Fruit and chocolate damper
Middle LagoonMiddle Lagoon
Middle Lagoon

Beautiful for swimming
Beautiful ShellsBeautiful Shells
Beautiful Shells

Lots of these to be found

The red sand washes down to the white sandy beaches with the heavy rain
Middle LagoonMiddle Lagoon
Middle Lagoon

Late afternoon and it is scorching hot

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