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DAY 205 Well girls, who now do I have on this trip? Caroline a girl into Versace, Jimmy Choo, Radley and the like and, has turned into a girl who now enjoys reading an Australian Four wheel drive magazine, doesn’t mind not showering for a couple of days, and puts up with a less than perfect hair cut (well more or less happy to put up with it anyway). Our friends described her as a girl that has transformed “from Cafe Latte to Billy Tea.” We seem to be out of bed early today and sit around talking and discussing what we are going to do today, possibly drive to Cape Leveque and enjoy a bit of the muddy road on the way back out to the bitumen that takes you up to the cape. I ... read more
Red meets white
Middle Lagoon
Middle Lagoon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Middle Lagoon July 11th 2008

A 2 hour drive took us to Middle Lagoon, situated 2/3 of the way up the Dampier peninsula. Here we stayed for 4 nights, including a day trip up to Cape Leveque. Middle Lagoon was a lovely quiet spot. There is a beach under a ridge facing the ocean and a lagoon which was slightly more sheltered. We took it in turns choosing which beach we would dig and relax at. I think the favourite spot became the lagoon. As we could have a fire, we had more scones and a roast lamb, as well as a damper (not all in the same evening!). The sea temperature must have been a little warmer because Alex actually swam for more than a minute... We kept up with the sticky-beaking of all the camper trailers around, and I'm ... read more
Cape Leveque-A & T
Cape Leveque lighthouse
Cape Leveque

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Middle Lagoon July 10th 2007

Middle Lagoon is about half way between Broome and Cape Leveque. It has a lagoon (hence the name) that is very sheltered by a reef. Great fishing apparently if you have a boat. The water was very clear, with only the first few feet sandy. Tide went out a long way, as with most of this coast. At low tide you can walk right up to the reef around the other side of the lagoon. There is great swimming in sheltered waters if it was a bit warmer, but nice for a stroll along the beach. Did not hear of many people catching a feed, so we were not the only ones without fish for dinner. We did not do much for the 3 days we were here apart from read books, and go for walks ... read more

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