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June 10th 2018
Published: June 10th 2018
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Well almost a very sad story to post. We headed out of Kal and camped at Widgeemooltha. The next morning I went to get my camera only to find it missing. I asked Ken if he had moved it and he said he hadn't. Not sure what I'd done with it as I usually leave it in the same place all the time. So went through the car a few times. No sign of it. Then the next thing was to remember the last time I used it. Which was about 3 days beforehand. So I left Ken to do some more detecting and I drove back to Kal (120km) and north (80km) to the last camp spots and detecting sites we had been to. No sign of it Next stop back to Kal Police station to report it missing. Low and behold some kind person had found it and handed it in. How relieved and lucky was I. I ask for the name of the person so I could send a reward, only to be told they can't give that info out. They said to leave a phone # and they will contact them. I have not heard from them yet.So it seems the only way they will get rewarded is when I pass on a good deed to someone else. All Ken found was a slug from a .22. We tried again on Lake Cowan (a salt lake), and another slug. We thenhad lunch at Norseman and drove back to Esperance. Dad had another fainting spell while I was away and the doctor has recommended he get a pacemaker put in. It is scheduled for middle of June. So I organise to take him on a short trip to Alexandra Bay for the weekend. We stocked up on supplies and headed for Cape Le Grande and Lucky Bay. Which are among Australia's best beaches. Only the weather was very ordinary. So they weren't at their best. We then arrived further up the coast at Alexandra Bay. We got bogged getting onto the beach. and got a tow out. We were told that there was some pilchards up on the beach further up so drove upto there to get the bait, then back again to get back off the beach and got bogged again. I couldn't get the vehicle into low 4. the manual said you can do it while driving, but it wouldn't work for me so I was stuck in high 4. this is why I got bogged. Later I worked out that if I go to neutral it will change to Low 4. Guess I will remember for next time. Found a campsite and rested. Next morning did some fishing got 1 small Wrasse. Sun night the heavens opened up and both Dad and Ken got drowned in their swags. So the next morning after wringing out blankets and such we headed back to Wendy's and a dry bed.

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10th June 2018
White Tailed Black Cockatoos

This photo is magnificent I love it oh dear you are having a interesting adventure we never stop learning I’m sure your dad will be fine after his pace maker is placed in I have a client who is 96 & only just had 1 put in 2 years ago & she is traveling along marvelously love to all

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