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Published: December 28th 2014
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Picture PerfectPicture PerfectPicture Perfect

Christmas Day at Cape Arid, what a cool vehicle
24TH & 25THDecember 2014

Caroline was out of bed at 6.30am again, by now I was wondering who this strange and organised woman is in the kitchen and wondered what she had done with my real wife!

Yesterday seemed so far away, I really cannot remember what time I got up, nor can I be really be bothered to try to trawl my memory for such meaningless information as we are on holiday.

I know our morning started with a cup of tea then Caroline wandered around to our neighbours Andy, Karen and Naomi on camp site 5 to see what was happening, how they slept and what was the plans if any, then came back and said that we should do breakfast for everyone.

Fortunately I had taken enough bacon from the freezer the night before.so we could have a couple of decent breakfasts.

The plan was to cook the bacon and eggs over at our camp, then take them next door to consume, with the size of frying pan we had 12 strips of bacon and 5 eggs was going to be a challenge, though still we have managed greater challenges than
Picture PerfectPicture PerfectPicture Perfect

Cape Arid, Christmas Day

I set about doing the 12 strips of bacon on the outside cooker whilst Caroline took care of the eggs on the inside cooker and within ten minutes or so everything was cooked and taken around to party central.

We sat under the gazebo drank tea and ate our breakfast in the sunshine with a view that could only be described as breath taking.

Having freedom that places like this affords, often puts you in danger of doing nothing and just let the time while itself away, but that is ok, this is a holiday and that is what we are meant to be doing, nothing.

It was decided that we should drive down to the beach to give it a good scope out, so with Andy Karen and Naomi in the lead vehicle and Caroline and I following we headed off, down from what we call the high level camp through the shires camping ground and then to the beach.

The sand was whiter than white and the sea and sky, bluer than blue, it was absolutely stunning, a pretty cool all-wheel drive vehicle was parked on the sand and its occupants, were
Picture PerfectPicture PerfectPicture Perfect

Girl in the water
all out playing in the surf.

The girls went off and paddled in the turquoise waters of the southern ocean, under strict instructions not to go too deep, Great Whites are always lurking just around the shallows, waiting.

I took more photo’s how could you not as it was nearly picture perfect, so blue and warm for Christmas, I know Bing Crosby said he was dreaming of a white Christmas, but he didn’t live in Australia did he, the weatherman said it was going to be 35 in Perth for Christmas, so we had our fingers crossed for a truly white Christmas, but the white was already here, the sand is a beautiful pristine white so we are getting a white Christmas after all.

We drove up the beach for a couple of K’s, the tide was way out, a guy with his ute was parked and he was enjoying himself fishing.

Today wasn’t going to be the day for a big adventure, our tyre pressures where still what we had them at when we were on the bitumen and it was lunch time, our tummy clocks were sounding their alarm and we were hungry, so it was back to camp.

Karen rustled up some sandwiches and a cup of tea and we sat underneath the Gazeebo once again and listen to music Andy Bayley had setup and the warm afternoon drifted by.

Two BBQ’s had been set up in party central, Andy and Karen’s camp site 5 and after an afternoon snooze it was time for dinner, so the BBQ’s were set going and the evenings delights was going to be lamb chops, peppers, mushrooms and potatoes, I do think we eat as well, if not better when we are away.

The evening had come to a close, no more Honey Possums had been seen, but the sun of the day had provided solar power to charge our batteries, we had eaten well, snoozes, laughed and took a little exercise, now it was time for bed, we wished each other pleasant dreams and couldn’t believe we were at Christmas eve already, where has this year gone?

I was awake at 5.00 am this morning, (Christmas Morning) my mind casts back to being a small boy, filled with the wonder of Christmas and what he had left me and the trade-off that
Picture PerfectPicture PerfectPicture Perfect

Caroline on the beach
I had been a good boy.

This was our seventh Christmas in Australia (wow) and they have all been amazing in one way or another, our first was in Port Stephens looking after Nala, that larger than life Labradoodle who we adored and was covered in our blog (Sloppy wet Kisses)

Our second, was a beautiful Christmas at Woodstock our favourite farm at the kind request of Robert and Helen Sheridan

Our Third was again looking after Nala in Wollongong, when I only just got a flight off Christmas Island, I think quietly Nala was hoping that I wasn’t going to make it so she could share my Christmas lunch with Caroline.

Our fourth and fifth Christmas was at Woodstock (awesome).

Our sixth Last year with Andy and Karen in Western Australia and now this one which is our seventh, so Seven amazing Christmas’s I may soon be able to write a song about the 12 places of Christmas that we have attended.

Caroline was soon awake with me, and I put the kettle on, we have no presents for each other this year as we are sleeping in it, this was our present
Picture PerfectPicture PerfectPicture Perfect

Adjusting the GoPro
to ourselves our new Kimberley Karavan.

We sat around for an hour enjoying the morning, talking about our adventures so far and how amazing this year has been, we think of all our friends and family around the world who we miss terribly and send them quite Christmas greetings from our hearts.

We went over to Camp 5 at 8.00 am and wished Andy, Karen and Naomi a very Merry Christmas, the day was bright and warm and looked like it could possibly be a scorcher.

Karen handed us a Christmas gift, which was appreciated, and we opened it with delight, Andy and Karen exchanged gifts and again it was nice to be part of the celebration.

The girls popped open a couple of bottles of bubbles and toasted everyone a Merry Christmas, the BBQ’s were on and once again “ding ding” went the bell and we were eating again, our Christmas morning breakfast.

After breakfast we wanted to go and call Helen and wish them a Happy Christmas which meant that we had to drive a bit of a way to go and find some Telstra reception, so we made the call to her
Picture PerfectPicture PerfectPicture Perfect

Karen giving out presents
mobile and disappointingly she did not answer so we just left a message.

Our Christmas meal arrived at 2.00pm and its was gorgeous, Andy had done a piece of pork on of the BBQ’s and a turkey roll on the other, it does show that with a bit of attention they can be done perfectly.

Karen had prepared all the vegetables earlier in the morning and Caroline and I had basically not done anything, which sounds bad I know but what could we do when everything is in hand.

It was lovely to be sitting in the shade eating our Christmas Lunch at Cape Arid in such a picturesque spot with friends.

After lunch had gone down and the chores were done Andy B, Karen, Caroline and Naomi wanted to go and have a paddle in the sea, I was not keen as I wanted to do things around camp so off they shot and we all did the stuff that we wanted to do, when they came back they said that the sea was lovely and warm, Caroline had stressed that she only went in knee deep, It’s just I am always fearful of the sea as there are just so many silent predators, despite the crystal clear waters here, you still need to be cautious.

As is Christmas all over the world, it’s the obligatory afternoon sleep and we were no exception, the day had been a big one so far and as we don’t have access to TV we can’t fall asleep in front on the telly, or listen to the Queens speech.

Once our siesta was out of the way and our personal batteries recharged, we reconvened in the gazebo on camp site 5 with Andy. Karen and Naomi and its was going to be a very light nibbles only evening on the food front, but we did also have our desert of Christmas pudding with Custard which was absolutely beautiful and fruity.

It is so black out here as there are no street lights or any light pollution whatsoever apart from what little we make and the night skies are truly breath taking, the stars are so bright and with our limited knowledge of the night sky just enjoy picking out the stars, I must admit that whilst writing this blog I completely forgot about the binoculars in
Picture PerfectPicture PerfectPicture Perfect

Getting ready for the festivities
the truck and could look at the stars with greater clarity so I will do that tonight, tonight being Friday 26th December as I am writing this blog.

So we hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas day’s festivities, our UK friends will all be tucked up in bed asleep and our Australian friends will all be up and at it again.

Additional photos below
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Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Just do it
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Getting ready for our lunch
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Caroline wouldn't let go of the bottle
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Andy B dressed for Dinner
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Our Christmas Table
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Picture Perfect

No Pork was hurt in the making of this joint
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Our Christmas Table, not bad for doing it in the middle of the bush
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Our Christmas Pudding

28th December 2014

White xmas
Your australian white Xmas looks awesome. It's great to see you out and about enjoying our wonderful country. We have stayed at home this year and are enjoying the comings and goings of family. I flew to Brisbane and then did a road trip back down with my daughter Jessica. We took our time and travelled inland along the Waterfall Way, where we spent several nights camping enjoying the waterfalls and doing a couple of interesting walks. It was great to have some one on one time! We are using our holiday time to get those jobs done around the house that we never seem to have time to do, although I do hope we can get away and have a few beach days too. Cheers to you both.
29th December 2014

Picture Perfect
Hi Susan, Thank you for commenting on the block and we hope you have all had a Happy Christmas. We love exploring our new home and can thoroughly say we have had a great time and look forwards to seeing you guys end of March/April 2015 Our love to you all. Andy

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