Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

Published: December 27th 2014
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Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

The Golden Wattle Bird
Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

22nd & 23rd December

The morning dawned, the birds were singing in abundance, the light was streaming through the window along with the cool breeze, the sun was up. I was awake early again, it seems that my body clock has not altered yet, it will, but of course it will make it harder to get back into work routine once our holiday is over.

I finally slid out of bed at 6.30 to put the kettle on, a hand signal from Andy indicated that he too wanted a morning cup of tea. It looked like there was no way he would move from the bed too early this morning, but that was ok, I wanted him to do as little as possible and rest up. He still needs to rest, but it is a hard thing to make him rest.As I had worked out how to get the diesel cooktop working (it had locked out and needed resetting), it was so easy to get the kettle on. I was still in my pyjamas and did not have to venture outside.

I passed Andy his cup of tea and my
Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

Caroline's prize, a Honey Eater, a small as a mouse with a long snout
chai because the best thing to do would be to go back to bed and read. Bliss, however I drank my tea and whilst I was reading I nodded off back to sleep, the next thing I knew it was 9.30, how did that happen? I figured that was ok, we both needed to recharge our batteries.

I can hear the sound of the ocean, there is nothing nicer than hearing the roar of the ocean and I longed to get back down to the beach to explore. However being such a lazy morning we both sat around drinking tea and reading. Eventually we both got busy and started to sort a few things out, like what needed to go where for ultimate convenience, I am sure it will all change again, but that is part of the shakedown.

It is lovely not to have any Telstra connectivity down here, we are not tempted to lose ourselves into this electronic world of ours, check something on the internet, post on Facebook, but of course it also means that we cannot Skype friends and family on Christmas Day, a big sacrifice to make. I was thankful to have spoken
Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

View from ourwindow
to Mum and Dad on Skype on Saturday night, it was a long call and did make me feel happy to have spoken to them but also feeling sad not to be with them.

Some of the wildlife we hope to see whilst we are here are Honey Possums (they feed on the Banksia), Chuditch (Which looks like a spotted possum), the Red Wattle Bird and the Honey Eater. There are various types of marsupial creatures here, so let’s hope we are lucky.

Did I mention how beautiful Cape Arid is, it is almost picture perfect, the view from our campsite, number 4 is amazing, and there are still very few people around, despite some of the campsites having been “bagsied”. Looking out of the window or door on the left hand side reveals such an amazing view of the Thomas River that blends into the beach, the truly turquoise water (of many different shades) broken up by the waves just continually rolling across the long beach that stretches into the distance and the views of National Park beyond.

Of course the foreground is a deep carpet of Banksia, so high that it breaks up the individual
Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

The Southern Ocean
campsites into lovely secluded units, where you really wouldn’t know if people were there or not.

The day was passing, Andy had called up our friend Andy on the HF radio as per the allotted schedule, they had a brief chat and then I dragged Andy out for a walk down to the beach, it is not far, but a little exercise is better than none at all. The late afternoon was a little chilled by the wind, but we would soon warm up with a walk.

I decided to do a circuit to explore a little bit more of the area, we synchronised watches, I told Andy where I was going and when I anticipated being back at camp, he went back the way we came and I took the dirt road to take me back up to the campsite entrance, it is only a 2 kilometre circuit but some of it is uphill so good enough to get the heart rate up.

Back at camp we prepared for dinner, I had a couple of steaks for Andy to throw on the barbecue, there is a sheltered camp kitchen here with gas barbecue, always a good addition to ones camping facilities, once the steak and vegetables were ready Andy returned and we ate indoors, the wind is strong and not quite so comfortable to sit outdoors and eat. I wonder if we are becoming soft, we have done some hard core camping during our travels in some choice conditions and perhaps the dimension has changed for us with our new set up. That said, we don’t want it to change, we still want to sit outdoors and experience the stars, but it is fire ban season and we are not martyrs. We are here to enjoy ourselves.

After dinner it is time for another movie, so with the “housework” done, the rest of camp tidied and locked up we lay back in bed to watch a movie, oddly enough, once again we were both nodding off and struggling to see the end of it.

We have had a lot of sleep already and tonight was no exception.

Tuesday morning arrived along with more sunshine, more amazing views and more tweeting birds, I jumped out of bed grabbed my camera to see what I could find, but without my extremely long lens, I was
Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

If you start off with the notion that everything in Australia wants to bite you, you will never be dissapointed
going to be disappointed. The birds were far too cautious and too quick, as soon as they see the camera lens lift up they fly.

A lazy morning ensued, we had our plans for dinner, steak again, but also we were preparing dinner for Andy, Karen and Naomi, who will be arriving much later today, we thought that after an 11 hour drive they may be thankful of a hot meal.

Andy and Andy spoke via HF at the allotted time to discuss the possible time of arrival, but that of course was all dependent on what time they left.At some point in the afternoon we headed back up the track to find some network, ok I know I said we are free of it here, we are where we are camped but more and more we are finding that you don’t have to drive too far until you pick up a small signal. So we uploaded a blog, contacted Andy via HF to confirm their ETA. By now they are past Dumbleyong, heading to Lake Grace. That also gave me opportunity to plug in the coordinates to my map and work out their approximate arrival time.
Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

The Golden Wattle

That afternoon I also finished reading one of my books I had brought along, it did not take me long to read it and no doubt I will get through another couple of books in the next week or so.

The birds were getting active again so I grabbed my camera and patiently stood on the edge of the Banksia, they were still too quick really, so I did not get a good shot of the honey eaters. I watched and waited and waited and watched then I saw some activity on one of the Banksia’s, I was ready with the camera and suddenly before my very eyes I was lucky enough to see a Honey Possum feasting on the Banksia, it was tiny! You could have mistaken it for a mouse except looking at its sweet little face it has a very long snout, long enough to get to the nectar in the Banksia. I looked as it moved around the flower, and incidentally the flower was about 10 times larger than the Honey Possum.

I called Andy over so that he could see too, we were both impressed and it made my day. I did get
Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

The path to the beach
a picture but not a good picture, that said if you are lucky I will post something on this blog, if we are even luckier I may even get a decent picture in the time that we are here, fingers crossed.

Feeling chuffed with the results of my wildlife watch we prepared for dinner, steak again, but this time we ate in the camp kitchen which of course has amazing views over the top of the Banksia down to the Ocean.

Then it was time for a quick game of Rumikub, we have not played for ages so looked forward to a bit of a challenge. Eventually we got on and prepared dinner for our friends so that it would be fresh and hot for their anticipated 9pm arrival.

We lounged around and listened to some music until I heard the sound of a vehicle, I went round to the next campsite and welcomed our friends, they chose to have a rest and dinner before setting up so we all retreated inside Roobie.

After dinner we helped Andy and Karen position the trailer for maximum advantage of setting up the campsite for an extended period, then
Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?Do Only Bears Eat Honey?

Our Holiday Home
we left them all to it. We know from experience that you know what you need to do when setting up and sometimes you really don’t need any help.

We finally fell into bed at 10.20, I fell asleep to the familiar sound of tent pegs being hammered into the hard ground.

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