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DAY 216 It was an early start for both of us this morning, we are expecting, all being well, Andrew and Kirsty to stop by at 7.30 ready for our drive into the Bungle Bungles. It was about 5.00am and I could already hear someone was up and about, it sounded as if someone was up from the tour bus getting the kettle on and the breakfast ready for the clientele. By 6.00 we could hear all of the zippers going on the swags as one by one they were all surfacing. We were both up by 6.15, we had an early night last night so it felt good to get out of bed feeling quite awake. The kettle was on and we immediately started to pack up the trailer, once it was all done, ... read more
Open Track
River Crossing

We’ve stored the van in Kununurra for $5 a night and have packed up the canopy for our 3 week camping trip, because we’ll be going over rough dirt roads and our little van wouldn’t survive. What ever I say about the Bungle Bungles it would not be enough to describe how unreal they are. We both had our first helicopter ride over the black and orange striped domes and immediately wanted to do it again. For 30 minutes we flew over and around, dropping down to get a closer look at the chasms and gorges. There were no doors on the helicopter and the wind was fierce and exhilarating, especially when the helicopter banked and it felt like we could quite easily fall out. Cathedral Gorge ends in a huge amphitheatre and again we had ... read more
Our camp
Cathedral Gorge
Beehive domes - Bungle Bungles

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bungle Bungles August 28th 2008

A particularly endearing aspect of some aboriginal languages is their habit of naming things twice, just in case you didn’t catch it the first time. Thus Australia still has a smattering of towns with such unlikely names as Wujal Wujal and Wagga Wagga, a sort of built-in acoustic action replay for the hearing impaired. Sadly folks these days are generally way too lazy for any of that sort of nonsense and just call them Wujal or Wagga, literally losing half their appeal in the process. Our first stop on entering Western Australia was a region with the wonderful title of the Bungle Bungles, as unlikely a name as you’ll find anywhere, not least for the aboriginals who were as bemused as anybody when a local farmer picked it as the name of his property a century ... read more
Boabs at Sunset
Echidna Chasm, Bungle Bungles
Blue Steel

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bungle Bungles August 20th 2008

After several days enjoying Darwin the time arrived for us to meet up with fellow travellers for our APT Tour from Darwin to usual when folks meet for a tour everyone is a little quiet and very polite. Before long we were all seated at our 'Welcome Dinner' and we met Chris our Tour Director and Trevor our Coach Driver, both very pleasant. As we continued through our tour we found them to be friendly and helpful right to the end when we said our farewells! The following morning after an early breakfast we were on our way to Katherine, a town situated south of Darwin...we enjoyed a Dinner Cruise on the Katherine Gorge admiring the Aboriginal Art as we went along. Passing over Knotts Crossing we crossed the border into Western Australia and The ... read more
Local in Katherine Gorge...Virginia's favourite bird a Blue winged kooka!
Katherine Gorge
Katherine Gorge Cruise

On 27 June, we headed into the Bungle Bungle (Purnululu National Park) for another 3 nights. We spent a leisurely day doing the northern walks (Mini Palms walk, Echidna Chasm, lookout) and another day around Picaninny Creek (lookout, Cathedral Gorge, Domes walk). Thomas was quite proud that we went 3 nights without a shower. The campsite at Kurrajong was great with barbeques and concrete fireplace rings with firewood supplied (you can't take in your own to prevent unwanted weeds/pests from entering the park). Apparently firewood is one of the park's biggest overheads but it would be a shame if fires were banned as is the case in Karijini National Park.... read more
Kurrajong campsite
Echidna Chasm A,A&T-sunray
Sunset view from Kurrajong

15-18 May From Kununurra it is about a 4 hour drive to the outside of the park entrance of the Bungle Bungles. From there it takes about 2 hours to drive on really rough roads to get to the visitors centre. I would def not want to attempt this drive on my own--but if you have a 4WD it would be ok. The Bungle Bungles were amazing. I assumed that they would be like Ayers Rock where these is just one huge stripped rock in the middle of the desert. But, the bungle bungles are loads and loads of huge rock formations all though out the park. It is really impressive. The first walk we did was the cathedral gorge walk. It was just as it sounds--like a cathedral. The end of the walk was a ... read more
Walk to Cathedral Gorge
Walking through Echinda Chasm
Echinda Chasm

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bungle Bungles November 6th 2007

More photos here... Here: And here! -E After our disturbed night's sleep, we struggled awake at half 6 when the sun came up (I'll get used to these early mornings eventually) and set off for Hidden Valley - named for its great viewpoint from the top where you could see the mountains for miles around. Nice early morning walk, although quite hot again at 8am. Jane the daredevil was the first to climb up the highest rock; I found the easier route round the other side which was almost a proper path! Took some good pictures and headed back down to the bus where we set off for a long journey to Purnalulu National park. 'Purnalulu' means 'sandstone' in the local Aborigi... read more

Back on the bitumen again ... We arrived in Kununarra in the East Kimberley and headed straight to the nearest Woolies to restock on supplies. Well Joel insisted on doing this alone actually, while the rest of us headed to the pub -honest! Kununarra's main industry is fruit and vegetable cultivation made possible by abundant water supply provided by the Ord river dam. More recently sugarcane has made an impact and there was even talks of using it to produce a local biofuel - gudonya, as the natives say. Because of time constraints for the day Joel had arranged a surprise for us and we tucked into 8 large pizzas at Valentinos much to everyones delight - especially Agnes. Then we left Kununarra in the darkness to set up camp at a nearby gravelpit, which in ... read more
A dip to wash off the dust ....
Sunset in our gravelpit campsite
Sleepy passengers

After we got the all clear from a few people that the road was ok, we headed into the Bungle Bungles for 3 nights. It is a World Heritage Listed National Park with the road to the visitor centre is 53kms from the highway, and takes around 90 minutes when the road is good, 2 to 3 hours when the road is good and the wife is driving and up to 4 hours when the road is ‘degraded’. The road is quite rough in places with several water crossings, most no worse than a 300mm mud bath (we saw one Troppie ‘renter’ with mud all up the sides of their vehicle and across the roof - Germans!). There were lots of twists and turns, corrugations and washouts, with the most dangerous feature being the sharp crests ... read more
Beer Stew and Cook
Layer Cake Beehives
Cathedral George

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bungle Bungles November 1st 2006

Woensdag 1 november. Om de warmte voor te zijn, wordt er meestal om 4u opgestaan. Ook vandaag zijn we weer voor dag en dauw op stap, nu naar de Piccaniny Creek en de Piccaniny Loukout. We lopen door de uitgedroogde en sterk geërodeerde kreekbedding tussen het Bungle Bungle gebergte. Door de eeuwen heen is het massief herleid tot koepelvormige rotsformaties met geelachtige horizontale strepen in de roodbruine rotsen. Na de lunch bezoeken we Cathedral Gorge. De relatief smalle kloof eindigt met een verbreding. Er is daar onder andere een poel omgeven door overhangende rotsen. Het is duidelijk te zien dat hier, als het hard geregend heeft, het water als een waterval in de kloof stroomt die dan in een rivierbedding verandert. Het hoogtepunt van de 9 daagse safari is de helikoptervlucht over de Bungle Bungle… het ... read more
Nu zijn ze in de Catherdral Gorge.
Elke avond: eten en napraten rond het kampvuur. Jay voert hier het hoge woord.
Molly's Spring: een frisse duik met Nora op de voorgrond en Berna achteraan bij de waterval.

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