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January 6th 2016
Published: January 6th 2016
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A few days before christmas, I took a flight to Melbourne. I was spending the holidays in Sydney with my cousins so I figured if I was making it to australia, I had to stop by Melbourne as well. Melbourne was everything I had heard it would be - it was edgy, fun, friendly and so accessible (they have this amazing network of streetcars that they call trams that literally go to every inch of the city). I had just a couple days in Melbourne so I knew that it was going to be jam packed with lots to do. Just wandering around the city for the first day killed so much time - every way I turned, I was amazed by all that the city had to offer. People were also so friendly and welcoming. I was especially captured by the Fitzroy/Collingwood suburb (about 20 minutes from the downtown core of Melbourne). Fitzroy was hippie central. Being a vegan here actually made you part of the majority. So many places to eat, so many wonderful parks to walk through and beaches that were so close to the city that it made it a particularly attractive choice of a place to live (maybe oneday?) I met up with a friend in Melbourne - Ryla. I met Ryla through a mutual friend from Toronto. Ryla was meant to do a working holiday in NZ and had stayed with me for a few nights when she arrived in Auckland. She went to Melbourne only a week after being in NZ to meet up with a friend and hasnt been back in New Zealand since! We laughed about how Melbourne was supposed to be a just a week visit for her and instead it turned into a month long stay. She showed me around the city kinda like how I showed her around Auckland and it was funny to be in that situation. I guess Ryla's extended stay was just a testament to how awesome Melbourne is! Don't blame her one bit! 😉 We spent my last night in melbourne meeting up with her friends and exploring more of the Fitzroy quirky bars and cafes. My stay in Melbourne was definitely too short but the impression it left will be a lasting one. I will be back for sure! As I tell my friends and family back in NZ, I love new zealand but I could definitely see myself living in Melbourne one day.


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