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May 27th 2013
Published: May 27th 2013
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We left the sanctuary of our warm cosy motel room at Maryborough at 9.59am (getting our monies worth) to a rather dull morning.

Geoffrey was updated with our desire to head to Bendigo and took us once again, through some beautiful back roads and by ways, with very little teaffic, henerally good surface and lovely scenery. One particular stretch, we saw a number of single headlights behind us, being a Saturday morning we thought it might be the local Ulysseses out for their coffee run. We knew this wasn't the case, when the first Harley and rider wearing full Rebel colours screamed past us. In total there were only a dozen of them, but we were both relieved when the last one overtook us and disappeared into the distance.

This sense of relief disappeared when we rounded a corner to find them all stopped on the side of the road....We then thought they might want to play games with a white and yellow motor bikes. Regardless of our concerns we rode towards our fate only to have some of them pull out in front of us, slowing down to allow all of them to pull out, but it appeared that one of them was having mechanical problems (After all they were riding Harleys, one must expect some problems) We then found ourselves between the group of Rebels, not a particularly nice feeling, however the group behind obviously got the errant motorcycle going and proceeded to, once again, screem past Henry n Heidi. As they pulled in front the Sgt at Arms gave us a friendly wave and then disappeared in a thunderous roar. We then continued tothe Be digo Big 4.

We acquiried another ensuite site, just to spoil ourselves in the cold weather and set up camp in beautiful sunshine.


28th May 2013

A bit of excitement on this leg of the trip?! They were only Rebels - they're easy beats, especially when you had their group split into two. If only you were 21 again - you would have out run them LOL!
2nd June 2013

A nice change
Glad to see the weather and the locals are traeting you well. I personally have never had any trouble with the real bikies, ususally it's the pretenders that cause us more mature riders problems. Must be nice to be riding those lovely Victorian back roads. We left Adels Grove this morning for 250klm of dirt and arrived at Camooweal on the NT border to clean the dust and fix the damage caused by the horrendous dirt roads. But at least its still warm. We free camped tonight and sat by the billabong at Camooweal and watched the sunset with a wine and 26 degerees. Stay safe.

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