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May 5th 2011
Published: May 6th 2011
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Well my day didn't really have the best start!! Firstly I had another lousy sleep which has really made me feel sick and shaky today. Lisa and lack of sleep don't really mix!! Secondly the lady at breakfast managed to pour tea all over
the table! Bless her. Being tired I couldn't take advantage of the breakfast buffet either!! Sorry pal!!! It looks like I'll not have time for brekkie tomorrow either as I have to leave on the airport shuttle at 6.30!

I forgot to mention a strange story from yesterday at the 12 apostles. I was stood on a bench there to get a birds eye view. Some Chinese people were there with their video cameras and in turn they got up on the bench with me hugged me, we waved at the camera and then they kissed my shoulder!! I must be some kind of Chinese icon!

Anyway, today was the Penguin Parade and Philip Island experience. We were able to have a bit of a lie in today from our early start from the Great Ocean Road. We set off at just after 10am and did the usual pick ups around the city. Once we'd all assembled we made our way down towards Philip Island.
We stopped off at Koo Wee Rah for lunch - which apparently means - Black Fish Swimming.... not entirely convinced. As we were driving through our driver/guide Steve said that the town was famous for it's Asparagus and thebakery did a lovely asparagus pie..... not really being an asparagus fan I headed off for a chicken sandwich but some of the others went for it...... little did we all know he was a bit of a joker and there's no such thing nor do the town even grow asparagus! We began the 'truth or lie' game then questioning and giving out verdict on every thing he mentioned!!!

After lunch the next stop was Bass River Winery - a family run winery where we were fortunate enough to sample 6 wines and some local cheeses. Can't say I actually liked any of the wines and felt bad throwing those ones away that I really disliked!!! It was an interesting experience though.

So from Wine to Chocolate and Panny's Chocolate Factory just as you enter Philip Island. Probably my worse nightmare not being a chocolate eater! The sweet and sickly smell turned my tummy but I wandered around with everyone. They had a truffle display of Dame Edna Everage's face! It's hilarious and you've got to see the pictures.

Next up, the Koala conservation centre. This was a series of boardwalks through the gum trees where the koala's live.I think we saw roughly 12 koala's - much better than just 2 we saw the previous day. However i think only 2 maybe 3 were actually awake. Koala's sleep for up to 20 hours a day! Sounds like my kinda day 😊

From here we went to the Nobbies! A series of rocks just south of the Penguin Parade. There are seals that live down there and some penguins....we saw neither!!!!

Off to the penguin parade and one went 6 layers of clothing! It was just like going to football!!!! I'm thankful that Wilson had told me how cold it was there as you're sat on the open beach waiting for the penguins to come in and it's very blowy! The penguins were so cute. Much smaller than I'd thought and they waddled up the beach. Unfortunately you can't take pictures there as the flash disorientates the penguins and they head straight back out to water. We were fortunate enough to be able to follow them up the boardwalk and watch them go into their burrows. I'd have loved to have brought one home but not sure it would really like Furrow Way!!

So i'm now completely exhausted. Please don't be surprised if you see me in the next 7 days if I make no sense!! I'm not sure i can even speak!! I've had such an awesome time, met some amazing people and have so many great memories.

It's now back to reality, get over the jetlag and get back to work...... I surely hope there's not much to do!! Famous last words.

Back in time for Wycombe Wanderers last game of the season. A really important one for us and we need the win for promotion. Come on you Blues, I know you can do it.

Thanks so much for following me travels. I hope i've been able to give you an insight in to what i've been up to whilst I've been away - it's gone so fast for me.

Pictures to follow once I've sorted through them - the last thing you all want to see is 100 pics of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge!!

Lots of love one and all, here's to the next adventure.


10th May 2011

Great Reading from the other side of the world.
Loly-pop, You have given "P" and me a great time reading your blogs but it will be just so good to have you home again, Gran.

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