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May 4th 2011
Published: May 4th 2011
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So there's no rest for the wicked eh?! Another 7am pick up - however there was a problem with the bus so it turned out to be 7.30!! Those extra 30 mins sleep would have been more than welcomed!

After all the hotel collections we made our way out of the City and travelled along the Western Highway through Geelong. Our first stop was at Bells Beach - here we watched the surfer dudes out on their boards! It was a particularly chilly and breezy morning and not so many big waves breaking but they were still having a go. Having watched them I think i'd spend more time falling off the surfboard and only managing to hoist myself onto it once it landed on the beach! I think I'll leave it to the professionals!!!!

Our next stop had to be the sign for the Great Ocean Road! I love having pictures taken with signs and this was no exception!! I think I just like it to remind me where I am. After all 20 of us had our photo taken with the sign we moved on along the coastline to Lorne. Morning tea called and a nice warming cup of Rosie Lee was just what I needed to perk me up. The sun was shining and we drank it overlooking a beach where the waves were gently crashing onto the beach and rocks below.

As you can imagine there are many lookout points along the Great Ocean Road and we stopped at a few of the best ones - Mount Defiance being the first.

Along the way we were instructed to keep a look out for Wildlife - we saw a little koala cheekily sitting in a tree by the road and turned off towards a camping site to look for more. We weren't disappointed as almost opposite where we parked was a Koala quite high in the tree asleep! How he stayed upright I'll never know!!!! Whilst Koala spotting we also had the opportunity to feed some birds here. They were parrotesque but don' quite me on that! One of the birds decided that it preferred to sit on my head than my hand or arm whilst another decided it wanted to eat from hand and poop at the same time.

Cape Patton Lookout was next and the views were just as stunning as Mount Defiance.

Next we came to the Twelve Apostles..... 12 natural rock formations caused by erosion and such like..... well actually there were only 9 as 3 have eroded away!! We arrived there and it was pouring with rain and I stupidly didn't take my waterproof! I made my way to the Ladies and when I emerged, only minutes later the sun was shining!!! It made some quite good photo's which I'm sure I'll bore you all with once I'm home.

Next port of call was Loch Ard Gorge the scene of a shipwreck in the 1800's and where the only 2 survivors washed a shore. We walked down onto the beach as well as out to the further look out points. The colours of the Rocks and Sea were beautiful - looked really inviting but just a shame it was far too cold to accept its invitation.

After Loch Ard Gorge was our final stop - London Bridge. When you see the photo's you'll be stumped as I was as to what resemblance it has to London Bridge - well half of it fell down! Before you could drive your car across it - apparently on the day the first section fell a couple had just got out onto the second section when it caved it. It was a day of Bush fires so emergency crews were busy elsewhere. TV film crews were buzzing around trying to get the exclusive interviews but were unable to actually rescue this couple. They were final rescued by the emergency crews and dropped in to the car park but whizzed away rather rapidly..... Rumour has it the man had taken the day off work to take his mistress out!!! BUSTED.

We left London Bridge just as the sun was setting and began the long journey home. Having got back to my hotel at 10pm - i'm exhausted.

Night night xx


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