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Published: May 11th 2009
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Day 13 dawned bright over the Mornington Peninsula. We needed to get up and do stuff today so came up with the idea of going for a bit of a horse ride! When we arrived at the Ace Hi ranch we got told that Amy was just a bit too young for the Bush n Beach horse ride, she needed to be 7 or older and she’s 6, so instead the girls had a pony ride! Both the girls really enjoyed their trip aboard “Sparky” the very docile pony! His handler Mel was very encouraging with Charlotte as she’s not quite as confident as Amy. There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ at the ranch including accommodation themed wild west cabins with great names - Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Calamity Jane etc and a whole activity trail to do! Unfortunately we think it’s mainly aimed at school children, darn and double darn but we’re still going to come back at Christmas to do the ‘big’ trail when Amy would have had her 7th birthday!

With a ‘yeehaa’ we rode out of there and on to Bunnings, the Oz equivalent of B&Q! We needed a new sink plug, some clear little table tab things for the new coffee table, a lock for the beach house gate and 7 hot-dogs as we’d pretty much skipped breakfast! Lucky for us there were lovely hot-dog sellers right outside the front door! We must have caught the shopping bug because then we were off to Target!! I (Sarah) am now the proud owner of ‘Miss Chatterbox’ pj’s for any chilly winter nights!! We wanted to get Anna a Mother’s Day present from Henry (!) so we picked up Ministry of Sound Chillout CD, we’ll let you know what it’s like! Oh, and, we also got some antihistamines and spray for what could be our first spider bites ….. go on, guess who got bitten, it could only be me! Nothing major and could just be a big mozzie but Anna thinks it was a white tail spider … so we’ll go with that!!

We went back to the house to collect Henry and then sped off to the back beach in Blairgowrie for a nice long walk. Because Blairgowrie is on the peninsula you have the luxury of either going to the back beach which is the Bay side or the front beach which is the open
Beach HousesBeach HousesBeach Houses

$200'000 if you want one!
ocean. It’s really relaxing walking along, checking out the shells with the girls and watching Henry dice with the waves! We wandered along the pier looking for the seals which can sometimes be seen in the deeper water but they’re not around today. On the way back we stop off for a ‘baby chino’ for the girls … well it’s actually hot chocolate but they love it and it looks just like the real thing!

Grant is cooking up yet another feast tonight, this time it’s his super burgers and my lord are they super! We start the evening with cheeses - brie, tasty cheddar stuff and blue - all accompanied with quince paste which is just divine! We should have taken photos of these burgers because they put the large chains to shame!!! The boys were quiet with the beer tonight, although there is footy on tonight, Richmond v Brisbane which is pretty full on including an incident where one player from each side ran full pelt into one another and both were knocked out cold! Ouch! Richmond got a bit of a hammering! The girls are tucking in to the Gin while we chat and wait to
The family walk!The family walk!The family walk!

Daph, Amy, Anna, Charlotte, Grant, Darryl, Henry and Sarah!
hear from James, Anna’s brother, as his wife Nicolette is due to go into labour with their 2nd baby. We didn’t have to wait long and everyone sends congratulations to them both on the birth of their little girl, a sister for Peppa.

With slightly fuzzy heads we finish up for the night and look forward to tomorrow which is Mothers Day!


1st May 2010

Oh my god i go to ace hi evrey holiday and sparky is my favortie horse at ace hi my facebook photo is sparky and hes the best horse i have ever ridin and i never knew there was an article about him
1st May 2010

Good ol Sparky!
That's to hear Nicholas. The girls had a great time down there. Glad you managed to find the photos and the write up about him. Take care and enjoy your next holiday! Dar and Sar
24th January 2011

Sparky the wonder horse
Sparky was one of the best horses there i loved him so much.

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