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December 29th 2013
Published: December 29th 2013
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After a smooth and uneventful flight we touched down at Tullamarine about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. We used the Immigration Smart Gate which was pretty easy and much faster than waiting in the other queues - Australians with non-chip passports and Other Nationalities. We stocked up on duty free alcohol and then proceeded to the baggage carousel where there was a public servant calling out instructions and trying to keep the new arrivals calm and patient while they waited for their bags after a long overnight flight. There was something about his tone though that I think was fraying more nerves than it was soothing??!

Bags in tow, we did the right thing and declared our reindeer antler and birch wood souvenirs and the fact that we had been in a wilderness area where there were reindeer. Sometimes I wonder why I am so compliant about this sort of stuff. They didn't even really look at our boots or the birch wood item and the reindeer antlers got only cursory glance before we were waved on through without so much as a thank-you. I think they were all a bit antsy about a whole lot of foodstuffs that had just been confiscated and some more that I think were about to be.

We took the courtesy shuttle back to Jetport parking, collected the car and drove home to be greeted by two happy Golden Retrievers. Ah, covered in dog hair again!!

According to the daily tally of steps / kilometres that I have been keeping with my Fitbit activity tracker, in the last five weeks we have covered 344 kilometres ON FOOT. To put that in perspective, it is like we walked from Hallam (in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs) to the Victorian border at Albury!

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30th December 2013

Welcome Home
Welcome home. Perfect summer day; not too hot, not too cold. No (puffer) Jacket Required!
30th December 2013

Hi, Welcome back and loved your story.....but what does this even mean??? "In the last five weeks we have covered 344 kilometres."
30th December 2013

Welcome Home.
Glad you're back safe and sound. Really enjoyed your blogs Tracey. U R a very good "blogger"! Photos are pretty good too. When will you have a 'viewing' prepared on DVD ?? As if you'll have any time. Back to work soon I suppose - after New Year break? Well that'll give you just enough time to prepare your photos [lol]!!! Seriously you must have taken 100's between you. It'll be a nightmare sorting them won't it?? Or do you have a set routine in place ~ yours and mine ~ a sort of professional separation of photographic masterpieces ?? Good luck & HAPPY NEW YEAR. Caroline

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