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October 18th 2010
Published: October 20th 2010
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What a day! The neighbours tour was so good, we saw the school and the garage from far away because they were filming!!!! We met Donna Freedman who looks like a freakin' doll in real life. It was so much fun and after this we went to Ramsay Street (disappointingly not actually called Ramsay Street but Pin Oaks) we got there and it was soooo small, in the programme it looks like a proper street with a few houses but oh no - there are 6 houses, each of which are lived in by characters - no extra houses (just to clarify the actors don't actually live there, unfortunately). I had a picture taken outside the Kennedy house - it was amazing! AND I got a picture with the Ramsay Street sign - oh yes...jealous? As well as the tour being so ridiculously cool, the driver was hilarious as well and told us all the gossip! We were on a proper neighbours bus - it was pretty awesome. Now we didn't really think the tour could be topped, but oh my how we were wrong! Neighbours night...drinking, pub quiz, music, some of the cast AND Karl Kennedy performing with his band. I met Sting Ray - back from the dead - Rebecca Robinson, Dylan Timmins and....the one, the only, Karl Kennedy - I was completely star struck! I also got their autographs as well.
So after most of the cast had left Karl came on stage with his band - i wasn't expecting anything amazing but it was actually soooo good!! Like a proper gig - I loved it, I was right at the front - he pointed at me in one song haha, I came over all flustered haha. And can I just say I majorly fancy Dr Kennedy now - he may be old but oh my... Oh and also, he called me beautiful and kissed me on the cheek...TWICE - future Mrs Kennedy I think!! I got sooo many pictures of Karl Kennedy - I had to delete some to not seem like a stalker although I'm pretty sure I still do! Well anyway, that was my exciting neighbours themed day! Goodbye everybody, Anna.


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