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July 17th 2006
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As my final day to Melbourne came upon me, I had already set plans up for some of the kids from my group to go and hang out with Vanessa and Ashan from the front desk.

I figured I had some time to do my laundry finally. It was piling up in my room! They had washer and dryers in the hotel but they were mad expensive, for one load, wash adn dry, it was 7 bucks. But the dryer was so weak that you had to dry twice so it ended up being like 11 dollars per load. Craziness!!! In total, I spent 27 dollars and my laundry wasnt even fully dried. This- was complete crap.

When 3:30 rolled around, the front desk crew was able to finally leave. woohoo! I brought Ashan up to my room because he needed a change of clothes because he didn't bring any. I let him sport the Providence tshirt (woot woot), and my jacket. I got to sport my new Australia jacket 😉 We all met up in the lobby and headed over to the Melbourne Aquarium. I was excited....I took some nice pictures and saw the enormous squid which was

some crazy billabong thing or something. lol I forgot what he was called
frozen in a block of ice. We ended up making our way down the tunnels were fish could swim over and under you. A sting ray swam above me that was no lie as big as my matress. It was enormous. Sadly we missed the shark feeding, and every other possible showings that day. bummer... We made it to the end where there was a simulation ride. While in the waiting line, we listened to soothing aquatic music and watched the tv with a show about fish (shocking). Ashan chickened out because he can't handle turbulance, but the rest of us sucked it up. We filed in and sat down, expecting to experience an exciting ride to the ocean floor, dodging whales and sharks and whatnot. ...................This ride had absolutely NOTHING to do with the ocean....not even water! had ice/ I guess that counts for something...we were on a sled type thing and skiied down narrow pathways dodging blocks of ice and leaping canons and such. Although it was entertaining--it through vanessa's headband right off her. I think the people who built that place paniced once they hit the end and needed a "filler". And possibly forgot that it

Here fishy fishy fishy...
was an aquarium, and not the ice-capaids.

From there, about half the group including myself, erin, gavin, justin, ashan, vanessa and lindsay worked our way to the Melbourne Observation Decks. We entered the crowded elevator where Gavin, my lovely roomate who is a constant embarassment to the United States, continued to make immeature comments and noises while an eldery couple stood there next to us. I can't stand going places with him. I get so embarrassed. He walks in public and screams "cock-shit-balls" and goes to Kareoke and screams into the mic that he loves to smoke weed and asks where he can get some. I mean- Cmon!!! It's really not necessary.

We finally reached the top floor and continued outside the building. I was shocked when I got out there because there was absoutely no wind what-so-ever, and it was warmer there than on the ground. well...wait...doesn't heat rise? *shrug* The city was beautiful at night. I love night- I love to look at the stars, and how the city lights up; that's why I like to fly at night time the best. It makes me feel small, to realize how small we all are in the

That thing is freakin' huge!
world. It's crazy. As I took pictures, Ashan was gazing through the insanly good provided binoculars for "office romance". Sadly, he had no luck. But honestly, those things could spot a 2 dollar coin under a seat at the Telstra Dome across town.

After some great pictures of the luminated city, we squeezed back into the elevator and walked out into the city once again. The group ended up getting separated when I stopped to take a picture of some words that someone had wrote on the ground in chalk. It read: Australia A Pedophiles Paradise

I found that slightly disturbing. I looked around expecting to see some old man jump out and take me away, thinking it was a trap to slow down the prey. Luckily it wasn't 😊 Lindsay, Vanessa, Ashan and I stopped to take some pictures, but seeing as how my camera takes bad night/motion pictures mine didn't come out very well.

After that, Lindsay took a tram back, and the Ashan, Vanessa and myself decided to walk back. We couldn't take the tram anyways because our pass is expired. If the authorities catch you on the tram illegally it's a $150 AUD

A hazey but beautiful night.
fine. They randomly get on the tram, lock the doors and ask for everyones pass. We walked all the way across the city for about 40 minutes or so to Lygon street. It's the little Italy of Melbourne. Sadly their Italian food isn't really up to par. We walked to the closest restuarant we could find that we all agreed on and snatched us a table. As we ate out Chicken Parm, Porterhouse steak, and Lemon Garlic Chicken we talked and laughed. Mostly at my accent and how they can't say the word Jalepeno. Turns out Ashan is going home to Shalanka ( i think I spelled that wrong) for a month for 3 weddings and then shortly after his return to Australia he will be asking his girlfriends hand in marriage. They've been together for 6 years. wow-- Good luck to him. Dinner was surprizingly good this time around...Ashan and I almost pulled a D&D; Dine and Dash. This is when you eat the food and then run out on the bill. I felt edgy that night. Like a rebel without a cause. woohoo! But Vanessa yelled at us and we paid up. 😊

We continued down the

Disturbing Chalking
street to am amazing Gelato place. (mmm gelato...) I ordered 2 scoops, one coffee and one of bailey's. A good mixture in my books 😊 irish coffe anyone? They had some really wierd flavors there, like coconut---who likes that crap?! haha and even Durian, which i'm pretty sure is illegal on public transportation in certain countries because of it's smell....maybe i'm wrong. I know AJ would know this me out AJ! We chowed down outside the windows of the restaurants down the street, and listened to my 2 new Aussie friends rip on Asians. Who knew Australians were semi racist against asians? Not I. I thought it was funny, because the Asian Population here in Australia I think ranks in at number 2. Oh...and just ask me how many black people I saw in this city...just ask...........................NONE! Not one....I was there for a week and a half and I never saw one person darker than Ashan. Vanessa considers him black, because that is just about as dark as they get there. We finally reached Vanessa's car and I hugged her goodbye for the night because I was leaving in the morning. She'll miss me 😉 Ashan and I went

Me, Vanessa and Ashan's blurry pic because we were laughing/moving and my camera takes bad night w/ motion pics
back up to my room and he gave me back my stuff (great--more stuff to wash). He had made the mistake of telling me he could play a didgeridoo, and seeing as I had bought myself one, I made him show me. And to my surprize, he was pretty good! I try and I sound like a sick elephant or something. I need practice....He and I went back down the front desk and he had me wait a "teck" as some of the aussies say, as he retrieved something from the front desk. He fetched a set of keys and he told me to follow up to the second floor. We entered the laundry closet and he opened up the machine's coin box. He reached in with his hands and pulled out 31- 1 dollar coins. I was like whaaaaat. He insisted because he felt bad I paid that much money. I thanked him because that meant a a poor traveler I am aloud to do some stealing....they all do it! =P So I gained 4 bucks on washing my clothes. Thanks Ashan! I pocketed the coins, and I walked back to the front desk with my left side

The market that i'll miss oh so much
of my pants sagging down a little lower from all the weight. We walked through the employee garage where management gets to park and showed me his car. I don't what it was...they have different names and models here than in the US. But it was damn nice! He drove me to the internet cafe where I said Peace Out! And checked my emails for the night.

Sadly my last night in the city was upon me. I am going to miss the people, the sights, and my early morning runs.

Who am I kidding...I only ran once.

Peace Out Melbourne.....much love!

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I didn't even buy anything really...I just liked to watch people.

I'll miss the funny naked people trams too =/

Oh...and the wierd signs...

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