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May 24th 2006
Published: May 24th 2006
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Hey all, we are back in Melborne! GEtting the bus late tonight, for like 10 hours overnight to adelaide - our last stop before flying to New Zealand. Sorry that the photos didnt load up yesterday, we will put them on again today - not sure what happened there!

So, today we had loads and loads of fun! We went on the NEIGHBOURS tour!!! Noooo i hear you say, but you know you would if you had the chance! It was really cheesey and good fun, the bus was sooo discrete as you can see, and people kept laughing at us through the windows - we just waved and then they got embarrassed! So, after being entertained with neighbours music videos on the way to Erinsborough high, we arrived! It is actually a school for people who cant talk english, which is good in a way cos they had no idea of what we were up to!!! We had to put our own sign up on the fence, but henestly it was the real school! It was hilarious. Then we went to the studios to try and see if we could catch a nighbours star. As we were parked outside stalking them, the driver recognised harolds car - we zommed and raced him and cut him up at the gate!!!! It was sooo funny, he didnt stop - hate him!!!

Then we headed onto the street, its soo much smaller in real llife. They were filming so it was all blocked off, but we stood around for like 1 hour, and saw some people on a roof, through some trees which was a bit crap. we did however hear stories of future plots etc. We gave up after the asst director came over and told us they were gong to be there for another hour. WE thought we woud, try our luck back at the studios. we parked on the side of the road for ages, waiting for max to get into his car. BEfore we knew it, Dillan (dotn actually recognise him from the show) came running across the grass! it was very nice of him, and chris had to pose! I was too shy!!! hehehehe, it was the funniest thing!

Well, have loads of photos to upload so wont waste time waffling!!! ENJOY!

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24th May 2006

Well, it sounds as thoughyou are having a fantastic time still - carry on enjoying, before you know it you will be back in good old Blighty!! x
24th May 2006

Hi ChAmanda, your travel logs are great! ... very entertaining ... but the photos haven't worked in the last two blogs??
24th May 2006

Far Out! Fair Dincum and Dingoes!!!!
Aaah! Can't believe you saw the Neighbours Mecca!!! I'm so so impressed! I wouldn't be embarassed -it's the first place I wouild go if I ever went to Melbourne!!!! Imagine watching it now, knowing that you've been there! Amazing!!!! I'm also very very impressed by your pizza extravaganza the other day...or week (time is disappearing!). we'll have to try to re-enact it when you get home!!! Also loving the koalas! Can you bring one back? : ) You could take it for walks and spray a tree with eucalyptus oil so it felt at home! I bet you're looking forward to New Zealand! It'll be amazing. Lots of love to you both, Jojoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S. I saw 'Going Round The Twist' the other day! Can;t believe you saw the lighthouse! Wicked!!! : )

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