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May 19th 2006
Published: May 19th 2006
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Hi all, First of all let us tell you about a rather unfortunate experience this morning.... after days of pondering whether to dye my hair (Amanda that is, not chris oh bearded one) made the decision to do it this morning. To my horror ... and Chris' it has actualy turned out a rather tomato soup ginger colour - total devestation.

So, drama over, will jsut have to deal with it and wear a hat continuosly, but just thought that we woudl warn you before any shocking photos appear.

So, today we explored Melbourne a bit. 15 minutes walk and we were in the city centre, must say its just a massive city with modern buildings etc. We did manage to find amusemnt down on the southbank with one of those water jet features which shooot water out of the pavement... chris was desperate to go and play and see if he coudl run through without getting wet, but before he could de-bag, masses of local teenagers beat him to it - and it was far more ammusing!!!! there was one little mop head in particular who was being picked on and pushed into the jets, poor thing!!!! One chubby kid (possibly named Dazza) found it amusing to push him balloon into the air on the stream of water!!! HEhehehehhe, very very amusing!

We got on a free city circle tram and looked at soem of the city, before gettign off near the Victoria Markets to stroll back to the hostel. Got some lunch on the way from a very tasty turkish place... mmmmm. Got back to hostel and chris played with his tube again, and i read more book - nearly finished, what will i do!?!?!?

Walked to the shops and sent off some postage, Brian and Colin be on the lookout!

Thats about it for today, some piccies of the roof and lounge, just off now to continue chilling on the roof before making gourmet meal of rice and noodles!!!

Take it easy!

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19th May 2006

Just gotta say chris the breads not looking that impressive but then again i suppose youve only been growing it for about a month and a half, not long at all.... ha ha ha.

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