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May 18th 2006
Published: May 18th 2006
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hey all, firstly apologies for the moaning on the last couple of blogs, we have gotten over the fact that we are slightly bored, but now we are in melbourne (home of neighbours!!!) we are looking forward to our last week in australia. The last week has been a bit dull and boring, but we have been int eh sunshine and not at work, think we were just expecting a bit more exciting, but we both have definitely learned to relax!!!!

So, we arrived in Melboure yesterday from Albury, after a bit of a do with the bus driver, over him man handling our baggage and nearly shattering the didgeredoos, we sorted it out, and came to the conclusion that the driver was either a mentalist, or on the verge of losing his job. he pleaded for us not to complain and even offered us money!!! Satisfied with the apology we left it there!

Ok, so the hostel is in the centre of melbourne, and close to the victoria markets. The room is well nice, en-suite, like a hotel!!! Costing us a bit more, but its worth it for a decent nights sleep. We have been amusing ourselves with the locals, and alcoholic drop outs!!! (There seems to eb loads in aus!)

This morning, we were plannign to leave for the great ocean road route, to see the twelve apostles etc and sunsets, and booked a ticket at the tour desk to leave tomorrow morning only to find that the accomodation was fully booked! The lady tried to get us in at a pub but no luck. WE decided to stay here another night, and leave Saturyda morning whcih is fine. WE will then have 3 nights and 4 days to explore the coast, on the bus tour. Its a bit expensive but a diet of noodels and rice will sort it out!!!!

We are then back to melbourne before departing for adelaide on the 23rd, we are going to do the neighbours tour!!!! So cheesy i hear you say, but coudl you really resisit having a one to one with doctor karl kennedy if it was on a plate!!! you even gets to hold the ramsay street sign!! i think the DVD and CD will be on the souvenire list for some of you1!! hehehehe, orders now being taken for hats and t-shirts!

Righto, Chris has found his new best friend, - its long, hard and slightly curled at the end..... ok its a didgeredoo!!!! scared you for a mo there didnt we. he has been blowing it all morning up on the roof, certainly pulled in a female crowd! I havent quite got the hang of it yet, its just tooo big. Will have another practice tonight, maybe after a few beers my mouth will have slackened off a bit. Honest gov, its the way you play it, im not jsut being rude!!!!

Free wine and cheese evening tongith in the hostel - glad we discovered the YHA its soooo nice!!! Collecing poitns to become a memeber. Shoud. go nicely with our value noodles for dinner. BAck onto the roof for a bit of star gazing before watching some tv in bed beofre snoozing!!!

Photos today are hopefully (sorry for serious lack of them!) are Sydney, Canberra, Albury and some random ones just for laughs!!!! More Melbourne ones coming tomorrow, relaxed too much today in the hostel!!!!

Slaters alligators!!!


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