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August 10th 2004
Published: August 10th 2004
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12 Apostles12 Apostles12 Apostles

Great Ocean Road was littered with geographical features including - stacks,arches, cliffs, bay and beaches. We also visited the famous surfing beach featured in Point Break and more recently the Rip-Curl Surf Championships
With only having a short time in Austrialia I thought I should cram as much as possible. Organised a trip along the Great Ocean Road and a wildlife trip to see the Phillip Island penguins.

The Great Ocean Road trip turned out to be a geographers/geologists/photographers dream. We got to see wild kangaroos that have made their home on a private golf course, as well as a wild Koalas. The main part of the trip was to see the amazing coastal scenery that Victoria is famous for. Victoria as in the state in Austrialia - not me!

The following day the trip consisted of visitng a wildlife sanctuary which involved getting up close and personal with orphaned wombats, kangaroos, koalas and not so personal with dingos Phillip Island was the next stop to see tiny timid wild penguins make the journey from the ocean to their inland burrows under the cover of darkness. They were very cute but no photography was allowed of the little birds because using the flash would scare them.

Anyway there are no photos of the penguins but there are plenty other pics that tell the
Baby WombatBaby WombatBaby Wombat

12kg orphaned wombat is like a massive hamster!
stories of my time in OZ better than I can in words.


8th May 2005

Big Country
At least now you know how big the place is. Hopefully next time you'll have more time and a better idea of the scale of things. - Ian

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