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February 7th 2017
Published: February 11th 2017
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Holly and Jayme enjoying the beach and surf
On Monday 30 January the caravan repairer said the replacement annexe for the caravan would be here, at Sale, by Wednesday, however the annexe didn't arrive and we also had to wait until the insurer approved the work to go ahead, so we decided to leave Sale on Thursday to see and stay at a few coastal towns along 90 Mile Beach. Our first stop was at Loch Sport. The caravan park is situated on the lake side of the Gippsland area and not near the beach which is where we would prefer to be. The van sites were quite uneven and sloping and there was a $30 fine if you didn't have your dog on a lead at all times (the park wasn't busy). So we did a sight seeing drive of Loch Sport before we drove on to Seaspray. We took one of the roads less travelled to get to Seaspray and it was a very scenic drive. The caravan park at Seaspray is only 4 years old and there are no trees for shade, though and a number of tree saplings have been planted. We decided to stay one night as it was getting late in the afternoon.

A very windy evening!
We went for a walk on 90 Mile Beach. What a great beach. Either direction all we could see was soft white sand, deep blue ocean and only a few people. It had been a bit windy when we left for the beach walk and by the time we got back the wind was gusting at 40-50kmph. By evening it was howling.

Friday 3 February and we woke to another sunny day and decided to stay another night. We went for a long morning walk on the beach and in the afternoon I tried some beach fishing, but in reality I was practising my rod casting. Not too successful. I lost the lure and the sinker.

Saturday morning, 4 February we left Seaspray and drove onto Woodside Beach. The road is parallel to 90 Mile Beach with paddocks of grain on the other side and is very scenic with plenty of free camping very close to the beach. We knew Woodside Beach would be a small coastal town, but this place has the smallest population we have visited to date. The caravan park is nestled amongst the dunes and although quite a few of the sites were uneven,
Woodside BeachWoodside BeachWoodside Beach

Our van site.
we found an even site, against the small wetlands which are part of the park. Woodside Beach is where the 90 Mile Beach begins, so we went for a good walk along the beach and was just as beautiful as the beach at Seaspray. A the water supply is from a rain water tank, we decided to use our 20 litre containers and the 50 litre storage tank under the caravan.

Sunday 5 February and we decided to stay another night. There isn't any internet or mobile phone coverage at Woodside Beach so we relaxed and enjoyed the beach.

Monday 6 February and off to Wilson's Promontory. Once again, the drive was very scenic with at times rolling hills, cattle and sheep grazing interspersed with grain fields. Reached Yanackie and had planned to go further into Wilson's Promontory, however the National Park is slewed heavily to the hiker. There are numerous bush tracks with varying degrees of difficulty. The road only goes halfway to the end of the national park and we felt it was quite manicured in it's maintenance. There isn't a feeling of ruggedness about it. We drove back to Yarram (passed through it on the

Only sea and sand in one direction.
way to Wilson' Promontory) and stayed at a welcoming and friendly caravan park. The afternoon was now cool with drizzling rain.

We woke on Tuesday 7 February to a cold, rainy, and windy morning, so on went the jeans and jumpers. Late in the day we got an email from our insurer advising us approval to go ahead and replace the annexe. We stayed another night at Yarram and on Wednesday morning, we headed back to Sale.

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Only sea and sand in the other direction.

Van site.

11th February 2017

Woody Heads just North of Grafton.
If like sea scenery you would love it there. Aunty Di insisted we go there every year for our summer holidays. Seven years all up and Christopher takes his family there every year. Caravan Park is excellent.
12th February 2017

Woody Heads
Thanks for the info about Woody Heads. Yup, we've written it down as a place to visit.
12th February 2017

South West Rocks
I assume you will be coming from the South so South West Rocks should also be on your Bucket List. Old Jail, convict built from memory, if not very old and the WWI prisoners where housed there, and I don't know much of the 6 Sydney ferries would be left also.
12th February 2017

All good news
Great news about the insurance - bummer without your own shade, especially if there aren't a lot of trees. Sounds like the three of you are having a ball. And I'm a bit envious of the rain and cool weather - it was 41.7 here today (along with most of the eastern seaboard this week).

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